Haunted Sanitarium Chicago

I’ve been to a few of the haunted houses around the Chicagoland area over the years and they are all the same. They all have long lines outside, cost way more money than they should (and even more if you don’t want to wait in line), it’s always cold and rainy outside while you’re waiting, and the time you’re actually inside the haunted house is about 1% the amount of time you spent in line. And for what? A few rooms with animatronic creatures and maybe some mirrors? I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting too old for this types of things, but haunted houses just aren’t scary to me, or worth the money. And I always hear these rumors of a haunted house in the area that’s multiple stories tall and if you make it through the whole thing you get your money back. Guess what, these places don’t exist, it’s all rumors that are debunked every year on snopes. Haunted houses are businesses and they aren’t stupid. Why would they risk having to give people their money back when it’s all fake stuff and the people can’t even touch you? Common sense people, these places don’t exist.

So this brings me to this past Saturday. It was my friends birthday and we were going to State (bar in Chicago) that night, but my g/f had a friend in town that really wanted to goto a haunted house. We found the Haunted Sanitarium at the Theater on The Lake in Chicago and figured it was close to everything so we might be able to check it out. First of all it was only $10 so I immediately thought it was just going to be some park district haunted house for little kids, nothing elaborate or the least bit scary. So we got there and there was no line at all which was really nice. They make you wait in a concession area with tables until they call your number. So we finally get called after waiting no more than 5 minutes and head to the front.

I won’t tell you exactly what happens througout the attraction, but I will say that for $10 it wasn’t horrible. The g/f was actually pretty scared, but it doesn’t take much to scare her, and her friend from out of town enjoyed it. So all in all if you want a haunted house that doesn’t have a huge line, isn’t expensive at all and for the money, isn’t that bad, I would suggest checking out the Haunted Sanitarium.