10 Creative Halloween Costumes 2013 – Entertainment Edition

minion halloween costume

We’ve compiled a great list of creative halloween costumes related to the entertainment industry that range from simple to throw together to balls to the wall. Shows off your love for TV and Movies without having to dress as a sexy nurse or a sexy horse or a sexy mortician or a sexy clown or a sexy anything… Why is everything so sexy?!?!

Top 10 Creative Halloween Costumes 2013 – Entertainment Edition

gravity halloween costume

10. George Clooney/Sandra Bullock as Astronauts

The fantastic film “Gravity” came to theaters in early October. There’s so much hype about this film, you’ll sure be the talk of the parties! What you will need: White winter coat, white snow pants, White boots, NASA accessories, and a radio playing soft country music.

tobias blue halloween costume

9. Arrested Development’s Tobias’ Blue Man

The hit comedy on Netflix, “Arrested Development” written by Mitchell Hurwitz, stars David Cross as Tobias. Use his very unique and dumb personality to perfect this role! What you will need: Blue body paint, low cost glasses, a mustache, and a pair of jean shorts.

kick-ass halloween costume

8. Kick-Ass Movie Character

Kick-Ass 2 just hit theaters recently and do a Kick-Ass job at fighting crime in costumes this Halloween! Dress as either Dave or Mindy. What you will need: Dave: Teal long sleeve, teal pants, yellow cleaning gloves, and yellow paint lines. Mindy: Purple wig, purple plaid skirt, purple glitter long sleeve, black gloves, and a pink belt.

wilfred halloween costume

7. Wilfred

The highest ranked sitcom ever on FX Networks, AKA “Wilred” starring Jason Gann as a big furry dog. Make sure to pee on the fire hydrants and bark at the cats! What you will need: Big furry dog costume or furry coat and a black painted nose.

minion halloween costume

6. Despicable Me Minion Costume

The animated and cute film, “Despicable Me 2” grossed $364.2m. Be the cute little minion that makes everyone smile and laugh! What you will need: Overalls, black gloves, black shoes, goggles, yellow body paint, and parted hair.

gatsby halloween costume

5. Jay Gatsby/Daisy Buchanan

The very stylish, pretty looking couple will go great with your date! “The Great Gatsby” has party themes all around so bring a whole new awe affect to your costumed party! What you will need: Jay: Normal black tuxedo with slick back hair. Daisy: Sparkling dress and jewelry everywhere. These hypoallergenic silver earrings look exactly like the ones she’s wearing.

miley cyrus robin thicke halloween costume

4. Miley Cyrus

She was all over the front page of the news, now you can be on the front page of the best Halloween costumes! The well-hated, well-liked, fashionable, and sexy actress will be a huge laugh! What you will need: Skin colored bra, skin colored shorts, a foam finger, and some bright red lipstick. Get a friend to be Robin Thicke by purchasing a Beetlejuice costume suit.

ron burgundy halloween costume

3. Ron Burgundy

The 2004 hit-comedy “Anchorman” is still talked to this day. Not to mention, “Anchorman 2” coming to theaters this Christmas. Join the news team and show everyone a good time. What you will need: Red suit, mustache, comb over your hair, and maybe bring your dog along and speak to it.

zombie halloween costume

2. Walking Dead Zombie

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” just started 2 weeks ago. Everyone is watching it, so be sure to scare everyone! What you will need: Lots of makeup, fake blood, old baggy and ripped clothes, and be dirty.

heisenberg walter white halloween costume

1. Walter White/Heisenberg from Breaking Bad

Everyone needs some for Walter White or Heisenberg in their life! The top-rated show “Breaking Bad” recently came to an end after a record-breaking series. Bring the bad back to everyone’s lives! What you will need: Fedora, goatee, glasses, white button down shirt, and a brown coat. Or switch it up and get a yellow jump suit and gas mask and go as “meth-cooking” Heisenberg.

Happy Halloween everyone, be safe!