In this day and age, we’ve got to educate our kids on the importance of cybersecurity.

Our kids are growing up in a completely different world to that which we grew up in. This generation won’t understand a pre-internet world, which has some benefits, but a lot of pitfalls as well.

If you’ve got kids that spend a lot of their time on the internet, issue them a cyber awareness challenge. They might not listen to you when you tell them about the dangers of the internet, but if you can turn it into a game, then you might just get their attention. Get the best headphones for video editing and gaming here on this site.

Sometimes the best lessons come from having a bit of fun. But if you want to learn about cybersecurity, just click here for more info.

The Cyber Awareness Challenge

The cyber awareness challenge is a computer game designed by the military to train members on security threats. Surprisingly, it’s actually really fun to play.

It’s set in the present day, but you’re going to get a message from the future. In 2030, cyber threats are having a hugely negative effect on the world and its inhabitants. Your goal is to prevent these threats from happening by resolving issues on a case by case basis.

They’ll learn a little bit about the threats that we face every day, but most importantly, they’ll learn some of the measures that we go through to protect our data and online profiles.

CyberWise Games

There are many other computer games that attack the cybersecurity issue head-on. At, they’ve compiled a list of “digital citizenship” games that are aimed at instructing young kids on how to navigate cybersecurity.

The Carnegie Cyber Academy is a cartoon cybersecurity school where “cadets” train so that they can protect themselves online. There’s also Cyberbully Zombies Attack, where you destroy all of the zombies before they share your private messages to the whole school.

Games like these can educate kids on what’s appropriate and inappropriate online. It’s important for them to understand that their actions online still have consequences, the same as they do offline.

Taking It Offline

Offline games can sometimes illustrate the importance of cybersecurity just as well as online ones. In fact, there are many kid-friendly escape room games that are centered around cyber awareness. Find an escape room in your town and check out the adventure descriptions to find out.

You can also use word games and flashcards to instill certain terms and concepts in your children. Which games you decide to use will really depend on what your kids respond to. Give them little quizzes every now and then to ensure that they’re retaining this vital information.

Keep It Both Light and Serious

To really get kids to pay attention to the importance of cybersecurity, you’ve got to mix the serious points in with some lighter ones. Using things like the cyber awareness challenge, educational computer games, and other offline methods to make learning more fun will go a long way.

Instilling these concepts in your kids now will prepare them for a world that continues to progress rapidly. The more they’re able to enact cybersecurity in an increasingly cyber world, the better off they’ll be.

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