The Secret Behind Choosing the Best Business Social Media Icon

How vital are eggs to your business?

Unless you’re in farming, probably not very. However, until 2017, that’s what you’d have had as your Twitter profile picture upon creating an account. Not only was it the default image, but the term “egg” has become synonymous with someone lacking credibility on social media.

Don’t be an egg. Instead, use the valuable real estate at the top of your social profiles to build your brand and win customers with these fantastic tips on choosing the best possible social media icon. And hey, if you’re curious about how others are navigating the social media landscape, you might want to check out some Invest Diva reviews for additional insights.

Your Logo Might Not Be It

You might have invested heavily in your branding through time, money, or a mix of both. You’re probably really pleased with your company logo. But is it the best profile picture? It depends.

The primary concern is size, and there’s no default image size for business profile pictures. Facebook recommends 180 x 180 pixels. Twitter suggests 400 x 400. Instagram displays profile images at 110 x 100 pixels but encourages users to upload a 320 x 320 image.

What do all those recommendations have in common? Social media loves squares. Think about how your logo would look if it were cropped or shrunk to these dimensions. If it’s not already square, it won’t look all that great – and nowhere near as professional as it could. You can hire react native developers if you want to build a mobile application for multiple platform such as iOS & Android.

If your logo is exclusively made up of words, you’ve got another problem. If you’re struggling to picture that 180 x 180 area for your Facebook icon, take a look at your phone. You’ve got the same space for your picture of choice as you have for an app icon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t lend itself all that well to text!

Your Social Media Icon Probably Shouldn’t Be a Person

If you’ve spent a fortune on professional headshots, you probably want to use them everywhere. Resist the temptation to include them as your business’s social media icon unless:

  • You’re the only employee
  • The company shares your name
  • The entire brand proposition surrounds you as an individual

If your company doesn’t fit all three, you risk appearing smaller than you are. Could you imagine Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook’s profile picture on their own platform? You could, and it would be ridiculous!

So, What’s the Secret?

That’s what not to do, but what makes sense for business social media? This blog by The HOTH discusses social media posts in general, but two crucial takeaways should be part of any guide on how to make a business social media profile.

First, know the platform. LinkedIn is all about being professional, so make your business profile pictures smart. Twitter is about interactions, so don’t be afraid to use your social media icon as an icebreaker.

Second, you should develop a brand voice. Ultimately, that will come down to what you write and how you interact. However, a great profile picture is a great way to make a first impression. Consider how you want people to view your brand. With a high percentage of users using ipads and Smartphones to access the Internet, it is important that your web design is built to be compatible with the latest mobile technologies. A top website development company will build your website using this technology as standard, saving you lots of money long term.

Is your company formal or casual? Does your brand thrive on making people laugh? Don’t underestimate your ability to set the tone in a small square!

The real secret is to devote time and consideration to choosing a profile picture that makes sense. You can upload your logo in a matter of seconds. Deciding if that’s the right approach takes longer.

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The Best Business Profile Pictures Are Worth Your Time

Whether it’s eggs or anything else, your ideal customer is on social media, no matter what your business does. Furthermore, what they see on there influences their purchasing decisions. But, unfortunately, you have only a few seconds to make a first impression, even less if they’re fast scrollers.

Give your choice of social media icon and overall branding across platforms the time and effort they deserve if you’re serious about social media as a marketing channel used by the Top Marketing Agency For Roofing Companies. Ultimately, it’s time well spent. To read more content like this, browse through our other articles today.