How to Find the Best Laptop Deals this Holiday Season

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During Black Friday 2020, shoppers spent a whopping $9 billion on online purchases. That’s $1.6 billion more than the previous year’s Black Friday spending.

Spending on Cyber Monday 2020 was $1.8 billion bigger, though. During that day, consumers shelled out a total of $10.8 billion buying stuff online. That’s a staggering 15% increase from what shoppers spent on Cyber Monday 2019.

If you missed the most recent Black Friday offers or the best Cyber Monday laptop deals, don’t fret just yet. Some of the best laptop deals are still available throughout December.

However, keep in mind that the cheapest laptop isn’t always a great steal. Besides, holiday deals give you access to laptops normally priced at $2,000 for half the price. There are also many other tactics to further maximize your laptop savings.

So, ready to snag the best deals on laptop computers this holiday season? Then let’s get this guide started!

Sign Up With Manufacturer Newsletters

Most computer makers, such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell, offer exclusive deals to subscribers. You don’t have to be an actual owner of one of their products; you can sign up even before buying one of their laptops. Doing so gives you early access to their discount coupons and other cash-saving deals.

For instance, first-time Lenovo subscribers can get up to an extra $100 off on purchases. You also earn points as a Lenovo member whenever you make purchases. You can then use these points to redeem freebies or vouchers.

HP also rewards 100 points to new store members. Every purchase you make off of the HP site also earns reward points. Once you rack up enough points, you can then exchange them for free items.

Dell also offers an exclusive 10% discount to its new newsletter subscribers. This is on top of the “Dell Rewards” program that gives back up to 6% in rewards, based on your financing amount.

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Shop as Early as November

There’s no doubt that you’ll find some of the best laptop deals on Black Friday. However, some PC makers already drop laptop prices on or a few days before Thanksgiving Day. You’ll even find some of the best deals on laptops as early as the first week of November!

This is another incentive for subscribing to computer manufacturer newsletters. Many PC makers notify their members about exclusive coupons and early-access discounts. Signing up is free, anyway, so there’s no reason not to subscribe if you really want the best deals.

Moreover, shopping around early gives you more time to make a list of prospective laptops. You can then research each of these models to learn more about their pros and cons. Cross out the ones on the list that you think won’t satisfy your computing needs.

A whittled-down list makes it easier to snag deals since you already know what you want. All you need to do after is to visit your preferred laptop maker’s website to catch “early-bird” promos. If you subscribed to their newsletter, check your inbox daily for insider info on these deals.

Use Stackable Coupons and Codes

Stackable coupons are those that don’t restrict your savings to a single discount. This means that they allow you to use multiple coupons or codes for a single purchase. The more of these discounts you can apply, the bigger your total savings will be.

Suppose you subscribed to your preferred laptop brand’s newsletter. As a result, you earned a discount coupon or voucher worth $100. Let’s also say you want to buy a laptop with an existing holiday marked-down price of $1,000 from $1,500.

Since the $100 is an extra discount, it should further cut the laptop’s price down to $900, saving you $600 in total.

Always Check Manufacturer Websites for Site-Only Deals

Some PC makers offer “flash sales” or weekend discounts on top of their many other deals. Many of these “extras” are stackable discounts, usually ranging from 5% to 15% off. However, these usually apply only to orders placed on their official online stores.

For this reason, you’ll find many of the best deals on laptop computers on manufacturer sites.

Compare Official Manufacturer and Retailer Prices

Don’t forget that retailer stores, like Amazon and Best Buy, also offer large discounts. Retailers, like manufacturers, offer the best deals to their subscribers. However, their exclusive discounts aren’t always as big as those from manufacturers.

So, before placing an order online, make a list of your laptop options first. Be sure to note their manufacturer-published web prices and discounted rates, too. Then, compare these choices with the ones you find on retailer websites.

As you compare prices, be sure to use as many applicable retailer discounts as possible. Don’t forget to factor in shipping rates, too, as not all retail stores offer free shipping on laptops. Then, check the final price difference to confirm which store offers the most savings.

Look for Special Discount Programs

Some laptop makers offer year-round deals to students, teachers, the military, and seniors. There are now also special savings programs for first responders and healthcare workers. Many of these are non-stackable discounts, but some get added to existing sales prices.

For example, Samsung offers up to 40% of combined discounts to a select group of customers. These include students, educators, government workers, the military, first responders, and healthcare workers. There are discounts for regular employees, but not as high as 40%.

Lenovo also offers education, military, first responder, and healthcare discounts. In addition, it makes laptops more affordable to seniors 50 years and older.

You can add most of these special Lenovo deals on top of applicable holiday promotions. For example, military personnel can get an extra 7% off on already-discounted laptops. Students can also enjoy an additional 5% site-wide discount.

Both brands do require identity verification, though, so that means you need to sign up first. For instance, Samsung requires subscribers to have a .gov, .edu, or .mil email address. Lenovo uses to confirm one’s eligibility for these special discount programs.

Save More With Clearance Deals

If you’re fine with a slightly older laptop version, be sure to check out holiday clearance sales. PC makers run these deals to make way for new products they plan to introduce in January of the following year.

Many clearance laptops have prices reduced by more than 50% to over 70%. That translates to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings.

Keep in mind that clearance sale items are brand-new, unopened devices. However, they’ve been in the warehouse or stock room for several months or maybe even a year or so. As such, some of them may be a generation older than the most current version in the market. You might also want to check out some of the ones posted for sale at online classifieds sites like Shoppok.

Don’t worry, though, as brand-new clearance laptops still have a warranty of at least one year. Also, many of them only require software updates, as their hardware isn’t too far from the current ones.

Trade-In Old Devices for Digital Cash

Did you know that in 2019, the average person in the US produced more than 46 pounds of electronic waste? What’s more, only 15% of all e-waste generated that year went through proper collection.

The good news is that Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, and a few retailers like Best Buy have trade-in programs. With these, you “swap” your old but still working laptop for digital cash, vouchers, or gift cards. You can then use them as part of your payment toward your brand-new laptop.

Since they’re like cash, you should be able to use them on top of any other discount or promotion.

Savings aside, trade-in programs also help you become a greener, more environmentally-responsible consumer. That’s because PC makers and retailers properly recycle these old devices. This means you can be sure your old electronics don’t end up in landfills.

Take Advantage of Cashback Rewards

Some credit card issuers offer cashback rewards specifically for electronic purchases. Chase, Capital One, and Bank of America are to name a few. If you have one of these cards, consider using them to earn rewards and to secure 0% financing on your new laptop.

You can also earn cashback rewards from laptop manufacturers themselves. For example, as a Lenovo member, you earn rewards in dollars for almost every purchase you make. You can then use your accumulated rewards to reduce the price of the next Lenovo product you want to buy.

So, if you want to buy several used laptops to give away as holiday presents, make sure you fully utilize your rewards!

Secure the Best Laptop Deals this Gift-Giving Season

As you can see, the best laptop deals don’t only happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll find many of these massive money-saving offers throughout most of December. However, you have to act fast, too, as these on-sale items have limited stocks and supplies. And if you’re looking to buy computer gaming products, you can visit for product reviews and buying guides.

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