eBay Dilemma

What would you do?

A few months ago I bought Coldplay tickets using the presale password for Best Buy Reward Zone members so I got pretty good seats. I really had no intention on going as I don’t really like Coldplay, so I wanted to flip them to make a few bucks. I have had good luck in the past using eBay to sell tickets so I figured I’d start them off there. They were up for 5 days with No Reserve with a starting price of $260, only $30 over what I paid after surcharges/shipping or as I like to call it, Ticketmaster Ass-rape fees. So after 5 days the tickets sold, for just that, $260. I was a little disappointed, but apparently there wasn’t as much interest in these tickets as I anticipated, so whatever, at least I didn’t lose money.

I waited a few days to recieve payment from the winner, but never heard from him/her. I sent email after email trying to get in touch for over 2-3 weeks, still nothing. At this point the concert was only a week and a half away and I still had these tickets and a buyer with no intention of paying me. So I went through the eBay process of getting my fees back for a non-paying bidder. This process takes 7 days, so I was getting really close to the concert date if I would have waited to relist them. So instead of waiting, I threw them back on eBay for the same price…. no bids this time.

So here I was stuck with $230 worth of tickets to a concert I had no desire to go to, with nobody lined up to buy them, so I turned to my old friend craigslist. Within 20 minutes the tickets were sold for $250 and the woman was coming to pick them up that night. I also sold my friends 2 tickets for the same price, since he tried to sell his on Stub Hub with no luck, but that could have been the $400/per ticket price he started at, haha.

Shortly after the Concert, eBay refunded me the selling fees from the first listing and everything was fine… for a while.

So the concert was about 2 months ago and I hadn’t even thought about it until I recieved an email yesterday from the guy who originally won the tickets on eBay and didn’t pay. He claims there was a death in the family and that he couldn’t afford to pay for the tickets and he would like me to remove the negative mark on his eBay account for not paying (eBay puts this on there if someone submits a claim that you did not pay). Now I’m not doubting that a family member died, I have no way of knowing whether one did or not, but I feel that even if someone did pass away, there was a 2-3 week time period between when he won the tickets and I relisted them. He could have easily sent me an email explaining the circumstances and I would have let it slide and just let him pay me for the seller fees and be done with it (like $6). But instead I get an email 2 months after the concert, so almost 3 months since he won the tickets, saying that he would like me to remove the negative comment eBay left him since he didn’t pay.

Personally I don’t feel I am obligated to remove anything. He didn’t pay, it’s as simple as that. And not only did he fail to pay, but he never even got in touch with me until now, which I assume is the first time he’s noticed the negative mark on his account.

So what would you do? Contact eBay and have them remove the negative mark (if they even will/can) or just ignore him? Right now I’m choosing to ignore him, but we’ll see what happens.