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  • Sin City A Dame to Kill for

    Sin City A Dame to Kill for

    So while I was cleaning up my room today, I came across my Sin City graphic novel set and thought, “where the hell is Sin City 2???”. Sin City was written by Frank Miller, and released by Dark Horse Comics, whom we have been doing some reviews for. So of course I went to my…

  • “Roadracers” Blu-Ray Review

    “Roadracers” Blu-Ray Review

    Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the Miramax’s blu-ray release of the high octane movie entitled Roadracers , directed by the well-known and well-respected director of such movies as, Sin City and Planet Terror, Mr. Robert Rodriguez. If you do not know who this man is, I suspect either you live under a rock…

  • Kobe Bryant is “The Black Mamba”

    Check out this short film directed by Robert Rodriguez, starring Kobe Bryant as “The Black Mamba”. You may have seen the 30 second TV spot shown during this weekend NBA All-Star festivities, but this is the full 6 minute short and it’s actually pretty cool. It also stars Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis and Kanye West.

  • Machete “Illegal” Trailer

    For those that weren’t aware, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino put together a double feature a few years back titled “Grindhouse” and it included 2 movies, 1 from each director, that were separated in theaters by faux trailers for made up movies. One of these trailers, Machete, which was directed by Rodriguez, was actually turned…

  • Predators Trailer

    Check out the trailer for the latest Hollywood “reboot”, Predators. Robert Rodriguez is behind this one although he’s not behind the camera. It stars Lawrence Fishburn and Adrian Brody… Enjoy.