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  • Final Destination 5 Trailer

    Yup, they are making another “Final Destination” movie. Check out the trailer for part 5 above.

  • Left 4 Dead Impressions (Xbox 360)

    I will admit that when I first played the demo for this game I was not impressed. It seemed like the characters on screen floated across the ground instead of running, they were just really fast and it just seemed pointless. The whole point of the game was to run from point A to point…

  • Gun + Chainsaw = Win

    Gears of War gave us our first look at a gun with a chainsaw bayonet, but this guy decided to actually make one. It’s apparently an AR-15 rifle with a chainsaw attached, that’s all there is to it. Check out the video below. source: Gizmodo

  • Halloween Horror Movie Marathon 2008

    In honor of Halloween this year I’m going to see how many horror movies I can watch starting today (really should have done all of October, but oh well). So for one solid week and maybe the day after Halloween, I’m going to try to cram as many horror movies in as I can.  We’ll…

  • Friday The 13th Remake Clip

    This is not the official trailer, it’s a clip that was shown at last nights Scream 2008 horror awards on Spike TV (which I missed and I’m not happy about it). It’s directed by the same guy that directed the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (with Jessica Biel running around in low jeans and…