Most Common Players Used In Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

fifa 21

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As is quickly becoming an ugly norm for EA’s flagship franchise, Ultimate Team has once again been given all the love, updates and new features in the latest Fifa title. With the likes of Career Mode once again being pushed onto the waiting list for anything resembling a decent update, Ultimate Team is still the go-to game mode for players hoping to stretch their enjoyment in the game out further, we also recommend you to check out this king casino review to play online.

However, once again, the same sort of teams have become just as common and popular on the Fifa 21 servers as they were back on Fifa 20. Pacey Premier League sides are still the absolute norm to come across in a session online, and here are the most common players you’re likely to find within Fifa 21.

Joe Gomez (83) – Liverpool 

Position: Centre Back

Number of Games Played: 3,827,565

Maybe a bit of a surprise name to see at the top of the tree, but Joe Gomez currently stands as the most popular player for players to have in their teams in Fifa 21. With an 83 rating on the game, which is more than solid enough for a centre back, Gomez has certainly benefited from Liverpool’s rise up the sports betting markets since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

Having signed for the Reds under Brendan Rodgers from Charlton in 2015, Gomez has made 121 appearances at the time of writing for Liverpool, winning the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Qatar World Cup and European Super Cup along the way.

Undoubtedly what helps make Gomez a popular pick among Fifa players is that 82 pace, 83 defending and 86 physical, all impressive numbers in the most vital parts of a defender’s card. He only drops to around 80 rating overall if he’s placed as a left back or right back, something Jurgen Klopp has done plenty of times over the past few seasons, and an Anchor chemistry style will help really bring out that pace, power and defensive aggressiveness best.

Marcus Rashford (85) – Manchester United

Position: Left Forward

Number of Games Played: 3,619,025

Arguably the face of 2020 with his continued humanitarian efforts off the pitch and prolific spells on, as well as playing for the biggest club in the land, it shouldn’t be as surprising seeing Marcus Rashford on this list as it was for Joe Gomez.

Following a 2019/20 campaign that saw him bag a career-high 22 goals in 44 appearances in all competitions, Rashford was upgraded from an 83 rating to an 85, the highest he has ever been in the game. His 91 pace is undoubtedly a huge reason behind his popularity, but the 90 shot power, 87 dribbling and 86 agility are all seriously underrated aspects of Rashford’s card that players should remember when choosing their frontlines.

And as an English Premier League forward playing for Manchester United, there are a plethora of players out there that Rashford can easily link up to and boost up that chemistry rating. The Manchester local is also one of the most diverse in terms of playing positions, being able to deployed in 9 positions along the frontline before he drops below his 83 Fifa 20 rating.

Son Heung-Min (87) – Tottenham Hotspur

Position: Right Forward / Left Wing

Number of Games Played: 3,442,816

Still one of the most serially underrated pros out there, Son Hueng-Min is arguably the best out and out player outside of the Manchester City-Liverpool hegemony at the top of the table in the Premier League. The South Korean was signed by Mauricio Pochettino from Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 and, at the time of writing, has 95 goals in 242 for Spurs. You can start using dadu online to bet on your favorite teams and win from home! If you are a beginner in the casino world, you should learn the right slot game technique to help you flourish in gambling.

A talismanic player blessed with an absolute plethora of skills, Son comes into Fifa 21 Ultimate Team with an 87 rating, one of the best ratings of any player outside of the continent’s league and continental winners last season.

Four of his attributes (pace, shooting, passing and dribbling) are all above 80, with his pace, shooting and dribbling all hovering at 86 at the time of writing. Highlights of these incredible stats are his 90 long shots, 88 composure, 88 dribbling and a whopping 89 sprint speed. And whilst South Korea might not be the best represented country in the world of Fifa, there are the obvious soft links to be had with other Premier League players, as well as some strong green links with the likes of Lucas Moura and Harry Kane for Spurs.