Kobe Bryant Breaks Michael Jordan’s All-Star Points Record… I guess

kobe bryant michael jordan all star points record

I know what you’re thinking, “Who cares about the NBA All-Star game” and “The records don’t mean anything”, and I agree 100%, that’s why I wanted to write this article. So for those of you unaware, or those of you that just don’t care, this past weekend was “All-Star Weekend” for the NBA down in Orlando. The best players in the league made their way down to Florida to partake in a weekends worth of events ranging from 3-point contests and dunk contests all the way up to the actual All-Star game. We are big basketball fans in our house so we watched every single event this weekend, granted not while they were actually happening, and there were a few things I noticed.

First of all, they need to get bigger stars into the Slam Dunk Contest. There were 4 guys this year, all of whom most people have never heard of… and then dunks were pretty lame. None of the big stars can be bothered to get off their giant dildos and compete in the contest so we, the fans, end up suffering. It’s not like LeBron James or Dwayne Wade had anything better to do, they were right there on the sidelines complete with ridiculous looking jean jacket vest with leather sleeves. Apparently money can buy clothes, but it can’t by taste. I just don’t get it. Back in the day the NBA All-Star weekend was incredible. You had a huge names in the 3-point contest and dunk contest and then all those same guys would actually compete against each other in the All-Star Game. This past weekend was just dumb. The 3 point contest was decent and the skills challenge was alright, but the dunk contest was a joke and the game itself was just a dunk contest…

Which leads me to the title of this article. Kobe Bryant only needed 18 points to tie Michael Jordan’s record of most points scored in All-Star Game history (throughout a career, not just one game). And Kobe had no problem breaking the record and putting his name at the top of the leaderboard, good for him. I actually don’t dislike Kobe Bryant. He’s a great player and doesn’t come of as arrogant as guys like LeBron James and Dwight Howard. The issue I have with him breaking the record is that nobody was playing against each other. Someone would go up for a dunk or pull up for a shot and the defender would just move out of the way. And I get the fact that it’s just a fun game to entertain the fans, but if you saw any of the videos of past All-Star games they were showing intermittently, then you’d see that guys were actually trying to play against Jordan and Magic Johnson… it was quite different. So while I have no issues with Kobe Bryant breaking Jordan’s record, I think the fact that last night was an absolute joke needs to be taken into account.

Also, I wanted to point out the fact that Derrick Rose is what basketball should be. I know I’m from Chicago, but I don’t think I’m being bias at all here. If you saw the announcements of the East team before the All-Star Game you’ll know what I’m talking about. LeBron James and Dwight Howard both came out walking like idiots. Nodding their heads, just wreaking of arrogance. I would have been embarrassed if I was standing next to them, and it looked like D. Rose was… Rose walked out with his head held high and stood there, extremely humbled by the fact that he was voted to this team of All-Stars. He didn’t come out with the attitude that he knew he deserved to be there like the other guys. While there’s no denying that James and Howard are great players, they are everything that is wrong with basketball and the NBA these days. (see video below, skip to 4:45 so you don’t have to endure Nicki Minaj)

So in closing, Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on breaking Jordan’s record and congratulations to Derrick Rose for being a good role model to all the kids out there that look up to NBA stars. Thank you for not letting the money and the fame get to your head.

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