The people over at were kind of enough to send us their product, Une Bobine. Une Bobine (Bobine means “Coil”) is a charge+sync+stand+Dock cable. We were sent the lightning cable, but they also offer a 30 pin and microUSB cable.


Une Bobine does all of the same functions as a normal iPhone cord. The difference with this one is that it can be used as a dock or a stand for your phone as well. Unlike other iPhone docks or stands the Une Bobine replicates the size of a cable but has the strength to be a stand for your phone. I find myself using it most for FaceTime. This way I don’t have to be holding the phone in front of my face the whole time, which allows me to do other things. I have also been using it as a stand while in my car. I was sent the car attachments (car USB port and a plastic anchor piece). I like having the cable in my car because it makes for a nice place to keep my phone while driving that doesn’t take up any space. The stand is very sturdy and it doesn’t move out of the position that I put it in while driving. Very useful if you are a driver that uses GPS. It takes a little bit of effort to find a position to keep the phone sturdy, but once you find it, it works perfectly. I did notice that it is less sturdy when in the landscape position, but upright position has had no problems.

The Look

The Une Bobine is a cable that is wrapped in metal. It allows you to bend and twist the cable into any position you would like. There isn’t much to the look, which is what I liked. Where the lightning cable is you’ll see a black angled piece. This is to keep the phone in place while plugged in and relieve added tension on the lightning connection. It is a nice feature that really helps the stability of the phone. The cable is 24 inches long, which I found to be plenty long when using in the car.


The Price

At $34.95 it retails for $16 more than a normal lightning cable from the apple store, but this one has the added function of doubling as a stand for your phone. That being said, I have a hard time spending almost $40 on a cable for my phone. If possible, I would suggest the price be lowered a little bit, but it’s still not outrageous.


After having time to use the “Une Bobine” I have found that I really enjoy it. I currently have it plugged in and set up in my car and I don’t think I will use it in any other application, but if you are looking for a car charger that will double as a dock for your iPhone I highly suggest the “Une Bobine”. Take the time to play around with the cord and find the position that will stabilize your phone the best. Very cool product that I will use a lot. To buy your own “Une Bobine” cable you can visit their website at

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