Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground DVD Review

Down in the depths of Slugterra, only the quickest slingers survive. Eli Shane,along with Burpy and The Shane Gang, are among the elite in slinging slugs, which makes them a target for all of the evils that lie in Slugterra. One in particular, the devious Dr. Blakk, puts forth his greatest effort to try and outwit and outslug the Shane Gang, usually to no avail.

Shout Factory! along with the help from Nerd Corps, brings you the next installment in the Slugterra story. The adventures and slug slinging continue as our protagonist, Eli Shane and his Gang, find themselves against some nearly impossible odds! In one episode we find Eli up against an Ice Ogre. While watching a movie in an ice cave, The Gang finds themselves up against a rival gang trying to show whom is better. Whilst doing this, they create a crack, which allows an enormous Ice Ogre to awaken from his slumber. Eli must find a special slug in order to defeat the beast in order for everyone to survive! Of course Eli saves the day, thus further showing that Eli and his gang are the best.

This is just one adventure the Shane Gang go on. Among the others, we have Eli and Burpy separated in a time when Eli needs him most against a formidable foe in Mud. We also find Eli questioning his past and the Lack of information that his Dad left with him when he is approached by a thief whom is in search of a treasure that is said to be just a myth.

The audio and video are standard for a dvd. Nothing really special, but very watchable. I know we are all about the visuals because we are used to watching bluray. The special features are just a disc filler, but if you dig them then great! Overall I’ve really enjoyed watching this series and being able to comment and review it! I can’t wait for the next one to come up.