Some Things Just Lose Their Appeal

Whenever there is a new fad or technology or whatever, I usually jump on board and give it a shot to see how I feel about it. I’m not really one of those people that likes to base my experience on other people’s opinions. So with that being said, I thought I’d put together a short list of things that I was really into in the past couple years that are either, just now gaining popularity or have been pretty popular within the last 2-3 years, that I’m now official sick of.

After writing a few of these I realize that I come off as a complete jackass if you’re still into any of these things.. so just note that these are my opinions and you shouldn’t let them deter you from any of these things if you enjoy them… (now I sound like a vag).  I’ll update the post as things lose their appeal or as I realize there are more things that I’m sick of…

1. Twitter – I’ll admit, I was one of those people that jumped on Twitter before any of my friends did. I had no friends on the service, but for some reason I thought that other people wanted to read that I was taking a shit or hanging out with friends that no one else on Twitter would know… Eventually more and more of my friends and celebrities joined the service and it became a little more interesting for me, but as of late I’ve become very bored with it. I used to post about everything I did, but I’ve begun to realize that nobody gives a shit… And you know how I realized this? Because every time I fire up TweetDeck and read what the people I’m following are doing… I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. Now I’m not talking about the celebrities, although most of the time I don’t give a shit what they are doing either, but at least they lead a more interesting life than most of my friends (Kevin Smith’s tweets are always entertaining), I’m talking about people I know in real life. Now not all my friends are retarded when it comes to Twitter, but some of the ones that post every day that think they “get” the service… really aren’t using it how I feel it should be used. And that makes what they post absolutely pointless to me, and I’m friends with these people, seriously if you want to have a full conversation with someone there are much better ways to do it than Twitter. I have no idea how anyone could follow a random person and find their shit interesting. It would be like me watching two donkey’s trying to have sex in a zoo, the donkey’s are limited to what they can do because everyone is watching them and they are confined to a certain amount of space, and after a while nobody gives a shit that the donkey’s are having sex because it’s boring as hell. Maybe then one of the donkey’s does something interesting like takes a huge shit as he’s mounting the other donkey, but that’s only interesting once. If the donkey continues to shit while having sex it just becomes dumb and uninteresting. And then maybe the male donkey decides it wants to appear “special” to the people watching it so it decides to try and fuck the zebra in the next pen… but that’s the problem, the zebra is in the next pen separated by a fence so as much as the donkey tries to fuck the zebra, all it’s really doing is fucking a chain link fence. And while that’s fun for us watching to make fun of, it’s actually kind of sad for the donkey. But eventually a new person is going to come by and show the donkey the attention it craves and once again he’ll feel that people want to see him fuck the other donkey… and the cycle continues.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel there are some good uses for Twitter, but for the every day person who leads a (sorry) uninteresting life, there’s no reason to post every thing you’re doing because as I said before, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT!

2. 3D Anything – 3D hasn’t even really made it into homes yet and I’m already sick of it. I think it’s a fad that is going to fail miserably and go the way of laser disc. Who the fuck wants to sit in their living room and have to wear glasses in order to watch TV? I know that they are developing TVs that have a piece of glass in front of the actual set that simulates the glasses so you don’t have to wear them, but still I don’t think the technology will survive long enough for those to become mainstream. I’ve seen a handful of movies in the theater in 3D and have yet to be impressed. Now, before you get all pissy and defensive, yes I saw Avatar in 3D (non-imax) and was not impressed by the 3D, I liked the movie itself and I think I would have liked it just as much had I just seen it normally. It just didn’t do it for me, my eyes never quite adjusted to the 3D, things that your eyes aren’t focusing on are blurry most of the time and you have to wear glasses the entire time. Not to mention the fact that some of the colors seemed washed out due to the fact that the glasses are essentially sunglasses.

I did like the fact that Avatar didn’t go out of it’s way to abuse the 3D, meaning that shit wasn’t flying towards us just to fly towards us, like some of the horror movies I’ve seen in 3D. But I still don’t feel that it added anything to the story, it was just distracting. And now, because of the success of Avatar, every movie under the sun is being shown in 3D. Notice how I did not say “shot” in 3D… and that’s the problem. Take Clash of the Titans for example, the movie was not meant to be in 3D, but after Avatar did well at the box office the studio decided that “Titans” would be awesome in 3D and they could make more money. Well if you read any reviews of the 3D in “Titans” you would know that it was terrible (not that the movie itself was that go0d). Not to mention that it costs like $3-4 more to see a movie in 3D, I passed. But now it’s almost unavoidable as every movie is getting the 3D treatment and most people don’t know if a movie was actually shot in the 3D or if it was just converted to 3D after the fact.

So in the end I really think that this fad is going to die out before the mainstream adopts it for home entertainment. I think Hollywood is going to try to keep it alive, but if the home market doesn’t take hold there’s no point as DVD/Blu-Ray sales account for a good chunk of the overall money in movies these days.

3.  Vampires – Hey Edward, go blow Jacob and get it over with already, obviously you guys are just using Bella as a front for your gay attraction to each other…

This doesn’t really fit the mold of the other ones on this list because I was never really into vampires to begin with, but I’m officially sick of them. Everywhere you turn there’s a new vampire show or movie or book or whatever and none of the vampires are badass anymore, like Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys. Instead we get these pretty boy pansies like the dude from Twilight. I would even go so far as to say Pee-Wee Herman’s vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie) was more of a badass than that bedazzled, man-meat-muncher, Edward.

4. Foursquare – [space saved for when this becomes stupid and pointless just like Twitter]