Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: Season Opener (2/8/09)

UPDATE: Posted a picture of Turbo Unblurred for those that want to see what he looks like. He was in a couple episodes of Rob & Big so you’ll recognize him, CLICK HERE to see him.

I’m gonna do this post a little differently since I’m watching the episode as I’m posting this, so it’s going to be kind of like a “live blogging” session. I’m just going to write about what’s happening on the screen at that point in time.

So the episode starts off with Rob talking about why he buit the fantasy factory and what the different areas of it are. Then it’s time to try to get the new puppy, “Beefy”, to skateboard, but apparently he’s not having any of that. And as a side-note, if you do not instantly fall in love with this little puppy you have no soul. So the puppy won’t skateboard and Meaty is being a pain in the ass which only means one thing, Foam Pit Session.

Turbo, the Fantasy Factory maintenance guy fires up a little scooter/motor bike and starts pulling Rob on a skateboard as he goes up a ramp, does some flippy skateboard tricks and lands in the foam pit. Turbo’s face is blocked out which leads me to believe that maybe he didn’t work out so well for Rob before the show aired (tonight) and he was fired before he signed off on letting them use his face, but that’s just speculation, I have no idea why his face is blurred…. Maybe he stole a car or something and the cops are now looking for him which is why he uses the name Turbo and blocks his face, I have no idea.

So Rob just kicked his shoes off at Drama, who has a tiny ass office under the stairs which is also right next to Rob’s tanning booth, which he is lounging in. Rob really wants to get  “blob” in the Fantasy Factory. A blob is one of those things you see in the lake where one person lays on one side, another jumps onto the other side from higher up and flings the other person into the air. But before that its time to go fun shopping.

They go fun shopping and find a fire training dummy as well as some stilt/running things. Timmy the test dummy is in the car on the way back to the factory where there are now about 20 skaters skating around. Now it’s time for a jam session. Rob just made an insane basketball shot going over the little snake ramps.

Holy shit, they got one of those blob things, it’s freakin huge and they are bringing it inside. They are using Timmy the test dummy to test the blog, but Beefy is loving his taint. Test #1, Timmy didn’t go very far, Rob almost fell off. They need more height and more weight. Rob’s now putting a basketball hoop in front of his manager’s window and he’s a little upset about possibly having the glass shatter and get in his eyes…. Rob’s answer, wear your sunglasses or get a new office.

Lamar Odom, superstar basketball player is now in the office to talk about investing in a restaurant with Rob. Rob and Lamar are talking business as Drama is going around the office trying to kill flies. And now Rob and Lamar are going to play one on one, and rob is wearing these weird stilt things and he’s just barely taller than Lamar now. Rob’s chasing him around singing “thank you for being a friend”, and now it’s T-Rex donut time apparently. Lamar is way too tall he doesn’t even fit in the T-Rex. Now it’s off to the restaurant to check it out and see if Lamar is interested I guess.

The restaurant is called “EAST” and now it’s time to test some food, Kobe steak. Lamar is in on the restaurant, 110%. Time to celebrate the new investor by using the blob, this looks extremely dangerous haha. Rob is doing it now… and he survives while drama went high as hell. Damn, now this looks fun. Rob just made a basketball shot off the blob.

And that’s it, credits.

This show is quite amusing. If you’re a fan of Rob & Big you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s basically the same show, but instead of Big we get more Drama and it’s always fun to see Rob beat up on Drama.

So did anyone else check it out? What did you think? I think it’s now time for nitro circus!

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