Hell’s Kitchen – Season 7 – Week 1

Season 7 of Hell’s Kitchen has officially started and I’m happy to say that my friend Jamie did not get booted off the first episode! I didn’t make it out to her premier party last night, but we did see her over the weekend, not that it really matters since she couldn’t really dish any dirt before the episode aired, but besides that let’s talk about the episode.

As always, the first episode starts off with each of the contestants preparing their signature dish for Chef Ramsay to taste. Each round a male and female present their dish and Ramsay picks which one is better and a point goes to that team and at the end of the round the team with the most points is the winner. The first contestant goes up, she’s a stay at home mom. Ramsay takes the lid off the dish and exclaims that it looks like cat food. He then tastes it and declares that it is delicious and starts making out with the woman… turns out it’s his wife, but he was using her to prove a point. He doesn’t care about your experience, but rather how you perform in the kitchen, so on with the dishes.

I won’t go into every individual’s dish, but Jamie had by far the worst dish out of all of them…. well we actually don’t know because Ramsay refused to taste it because he found a toothpick in it. She made a chicken kiev dish and left one of her toothpicks in the dish and when Ramsay found it he refused to try the dish at all, but Jamie lucked out and the guy that was up against her had a terrible dish and nobody was awarded points, so no harm no foul, but not a good start for Jamie.

So at the end of the round the guys end up with 1 more point than the girls and they are rewarded by being able to sleep in and eat breakfast in bed, which is supplied by the women.

Dinner service that first night was kind of a disaster, but Chef Ramsay did make good on his promise to the press and did not have to close the kitchen, but that’s not to say he didn’t kick a few out. Actually he kicked out about half of the contestants throughout the course of the service… and yes, Jamie was one of them. I will say, in her defense, she made one mistake by putting a cold cream on a hot steak, but some of the guys didn’t get booted out until they made 3 or 4 mistakes. Hopefully Jamie can pick it up in the coming weeks.

As far as contestants go, this season looks like it’s going to be an interesting one. I can see a lot of personalities bumping heads and leading to arguments and disorganized dinner services, which of course lead to an angry Chef Ramsay. I can also see myself becoming quite annoyed with a couple contestants, Maria in particular, but overall I think it’ll be a good season. I’m a little worried that Jamie was very nervous throughout the whole thing and her personality never comes out, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. She wasn’t featured in much of anything this week so it’s hard to tell… she also kinda seemed like she didn’t want to be there, but hopefully her nerves settle down after this and she starts to pick things up.

So all in all I think it’ll be a good season and I’m just thankful it was Stacey that got sent home last night and not Jamie. It would have been pretty lame if she got booted right away. So what did you guys think? Do you think it’s going to be a decent season?