2012: The End of The World

I caught the Nostradamus special on the History channel the other night about the year 2012 and how the end of the world is coming and while it was quite interesting it seemed like these “experts” were reaching for something that wasn’t quite there. Did anyone else catch this? Basically Nostradamus was a man from the 1500’s that predicted world events of today…back then. He wrote them in quatrains which are basically small poems. Most of these quatrains are so cryptic they could really mean anything, but either way people believe that this man has predicted some of the greatest moments of the world’s history. Me, I’m still skeptical.

Nostradamus is recognized as having predicted Hitler’s rise to power (even though the word “Hister” is used in the original quatrain) as well as The French Revolution, but while some of the quatrains supposedly associated with these events do seem pretty close when interpreted, others could relate to anything in the world, which leads me to the show that aired on the History Channel the other night. The show was about Nostradamus and his apparent predictions about the world ending in the year 2012, specifically December 21, 2012 when the sun rises into the center of the milky way. But here’s the thing, these prophecies weren’t made in quatrains like most of his other work, but in a book of lost drawings that were supposedly drawn by Nostradamus (yet nobody knows for sure).

This is where I started to get annoyed with the show and the people trying to explain this stuff. There’s no disputing the similarities between Nostradamus’ drawings and other things found in the ancient world. Oh yeah, they compared these drawings to things drawn/written by the ancient Mayans, Egyptians, Free Masons and even Native Americans, and they do bear a similarity, but some of their interpretations of this stuff just seems absolutely ridiculous. For example, in one of Nostradamus’ drawings there is a man holding a bow and arrow pointed at a woman figure. This would be the constallation of Sagittarius… ok, so it’s some stars, we all know that ancient cultures held the sky and stars in high regard. Apparently though, these people on the show explained the image as being lines. So the arrow is pointing one way, towards the woman, so they drew a straight line to the right (towards the woman) and since the woman is up and down that’s apparently another line, so they drew another line up and down, and the lines obviously cross in the middle of the woman, so they interpret that as being when the sun rises in the middle of the galaxy…. really?!?! I could draw lines all over those drawings and have them intersect, I could probably even connect a bunch of random dots and spell my name. These interpretations just seem absolutely ridiculous.

I understand that I’m no ancient scientist with magical powers, but for one they don’t even know if these images were truely drawn by Nostradamus, so that’s a big problem right there. Secondly, they keep telling us that these ancient cultures were trying to warn us of the end of the world or the beginning of significant change that happens to the earth every 26,000 years… ok, if they really wanted to warn us why would they make everything so cryptic? If they had such vast knowledge of astronomy and the cycle of the Earth and it’s disasters, why wouldn’t they just write something like… “The last time this shit happened (sun rising in the milky way) there were massive floods, earthquakes, and dragons rose from the earth to feed on humans.” I think we would get the point if 10 different ancient cultures all wrote about floods, earthquakes and dragons all happening at the same time. Instead we get something like this “Tears will fall, the earth will tremble as the great eye looks into the darkness only to see the crocs great decendants as they rise in fire to burninate the countryside; beware of beefy arms as the ground runs warm with blue.”

Why the big secret? Do you think if someone in our time knew the end of the world was coming that they wouldn’t just write a scientific journal about it, warning future decendants of their coming doom? I understand that back in the days of Nostradamus, speaking out against religion and making claims of death and the end was kind of frowned upon, but I don’t think there was a need to carve cryptic statues on buildings and monuments to try to get the story across, although it does make for some interesting movies and tv specials today.

So in conclusion, I know I’m not a scientist or a prophet of any sort (and this article probably sounds idiotic), but on December 21st 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends and the sun rises into the center of the milky way for the 3rd eclipse that year…. nothing is going to happen. You can quote me on that and if I’m wrong, I’ll buy any and all commenters on this post a beer. It’s just going to be another normal day in the world except there will be a few more idiots on the streets with signs that say “The End is Here”. The world is not going to explode, it’s not going to flood, there won’t be a ridiculous amount of earthquakes and no random volcanoes are going to erupt. In actuality what will happen is I will be right here in front of my computer, on this very site, saying I told you so…