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The official “World War Z” trailer hit the internet yesterday and while it’s big, loud and intense, I’m not sure about it. I haven’t read the book, or know much about it in general, so I’m basing my impressions solely off of the trailer itself. Not knowing how the book is, some of the trailer seems a bit ridiculous, like the stupid-fast zombie hordes running through the cities destroying anything in their path. If that’s how the zombies move in the book then I’m glad it’s staying true, but from a general perspective it looked way too unrealistic even knowing that zombies themselves are pretty unrealistic. I may be in the minority on this one as it seems lots of people are really excited for this one. So maybe someone who’s read the book can chime in and give us their thoughts on the trailer compared to the book…

World War Z stars Brad Pitt and hits theaters on June 20, 2013

A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.



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  • Mike

    It’s more a movie inspired by the book than a movie version of the book. The book was all after-the-fact … the writer went around and interviewed tons of people in different parts of the world about the start of the zombie incident, how it initially beat us down, how we responded, and what we are doing afterwards. This is obviously an origin story, no doubt part one of what will probably be a trilogy.

    The movie appears to be a lot about action and destruction, the book involved a lot of softer issues as well … how different countries reacted and responded, how countries blamed each other, how ultimately there needed to be a willingness to sacrifice many for the greater good of life going on, etc.

    I am excited, as I think movies (with a team of talented writers with different visions / ideas) can do a lot that an individual novel writer might not think of.

    • But the important question is, did the zombie hordes run fast like that and climb over each other to get at their food? That’s the part that seems weird to me…