Word on the street is that Chicago’s ONLY decent alternative/rock station still on the air (RIP 103.5, before it was KISS FM), Q101 is being shut down in favor of an all talk radio station. I don’t even know what to say to this except, and pardon my language, FUCK YOU!, whoever is behind this whole deal, Randy Michaels, Merlin Media, whatever the fuck you want to be called… seriously, fuck you. I was happy when you got rid of Mancow, but changing the entire format of the radio station is a huge mistake and I hope if you do make the decision to switch formats it completely fails and every other radio station beats the shit out of you in the ratings. I will personally listen to your competitors my entire commute to work just to help them out. Why couldn’t you have bought 103.5 and taken that trash off the air instead? No, you had to fuck with one of the staples of Chicago radio, a radio station that has been around for 20+ years through everything from grunge to nu-metal and even rap-rock, yet despite playing Limp Bizkit they still managed to keep listeners.

I’m going to quit my ranting now, but seriously this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and I really do hope that if you change the format it fucks you in the ass so hard that your dog gets pregnant. Seriously… bullshit. This rumor better not turn out to be true.

source: chicagonow.com

Update (7/12/11): From what I gathered from the Sherman & Tingle show this morning, their last day is this Thursday (7/14/11) and Q101 will change formats after that… shitty.

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  • metalhead

    I whole heartedly agree. Q101 has been so much apart of my life growing up. I believe that so many other people can say the same. It helped mold myself and others into the alternative metal heads that we are, and taking this away from us is just stupid. I hope someone puts a death bounty on Randy Michaels head. I hope your little talk radio gets shit on so badly by other stations. Just look at what this radio has done for the city in the last two decades!!! How many local bands got their break and made it famous because of Q101? A lot!! Disturbed, Janus, Fall Out Boy, etc. The list goes on. But your taking away the biggest radio station in the city of chicago. Why not change the sister station 97.9 the Loop to a fuckin talk radio. But even then I’d still be pissed because i like to listen to them also. So to you Randy Michaels, I believe I speak on behalf of 3/4 of the city and all the loyal q101 listeners when i say burn in hell you rotten piece of shit. Go take your fucking talk radio to some other city. Because you clearly aren’t welcome in the city of chicago. Theres an old saying I know of called, “DBD” which means “Dont Be A Dick!”

  • Mkstx6

    nobody is gonna listen to Q101 now. people are PISSED! including myself and my group o’ buds.

  • Tom Roe

    As I recall Q101 always sucked, so not a big deal to me.

    • Savannah


    • Josh

      Tom go suck camel dick.

  • rockQ101

    fuck you tom roe

  • JimmyJohn89

    Q101 did suck but it was all we had left….now what is there? i guess it’s finally time to invest in satellite radio because there is truly nothing left to listen to on free radio

  • SublimeTime


  • Michael J

    One of the originals Steve Dahl will most likely be moving to the Q when they flip to all talk, but remember WLUP “The Loop” also went to all talk back in the 90’s and then flipped back again to all rock later that decade. I guess if you wait long enough things will always fall back into place although I would love to hear the Stever again!

  • Gonzo

    Actually, 103.5 was Jammin’ Oldies after Rock 103.5, it billed 22 million in its first year, had tons of listeners and did well. It was dumped because of the infighting between GCI and V103 with 103.5 kind of taking some from both and alot from others. V and GCI owned at that time by Evergreen or AM/FM or whatever bullshit name Jimmy DeCastro called it before CCU sucked it all up. Rock 103.5 was killed off by the change in music and their inability to cope with that – that’s why Q101 kicked its ass so long ago. Alternative now is shattered by the shards of different types of ‘alternative’. People have access to so many different types of music now and people still complain – what a whiney bunch of babies. 

  • Chicagojin

    first 103.5, then 96.7 (for all that lived in the will county area) then 94.7 (damn you disney) and now this…. Granted I haven’t listened to much radio since q101 went to cater to the emo kids and 94.7 was taken off the air, but still… it’s a landmark station. When people ask about chicago, even back when i was in the military, even they associated it with q101. How’s that for you? Recognized by military members from every corner of the country in every part of the world as CHICAGO’s Radio station. Not just A, but THE. Now the only station I’ll be able to stomach when my zune dies in the car is 100.7, which just isn’t as good as any of the previous stations that have been shut down…

    With that said, fuck anyone who has had any part of this farce, if karma is real then you WILL be hit by a truck. (or any other q101 fan who’s noticed how our great stations have been replaced by sub-par mediocre oldies and talk stations).

    with that said, I’m actually feeling depressed, and overly angry, I may just march down to their offices and start kicking in doors

    • Young at Heart

      Good riddance to crap music.
      Where’s the Bee Jees and Manilow?

      • Tierraverde

        My life partner is mad at you

        • Is your life partner mad that they’re still living in the past of the shit bands from yesteryear?   You should’ve noted something more worthwhile than Berry Manilow and the Bee Jees.  

          • The Spellmeister

            Your spelling gives away your minuscule I.Q.
            It’s Barry, not Berry (that’s a fruit) and Gees, not Jees. 

            Geezus, man, you’re illiterate from all that alternative junk!

          • I Love Q101

            Haha dude you’re discrediting his ideas in music based on grammar. It’s not his English that is flawed here, it’s your logic. Q101 was by far the best radio station in Chicago when it was shut down. RIP Q101, you are missed.

          • Mgb6705

            you mispelled Bee Jees in your original comment, ass clown

          • Zoltan

            Nice retort.  You should be proud.

  • Crispy341989

    i bet randy michaels is getting alot of hate mail right now

  • young at heart

    I rest my case about the intelligentsia that listens to the crap music Lopez

  • td88

    Talk radio? What kind of talk? I already listen to Rush Limbaugh on WLS AM, and that’s about the only thing worth listening to these days on talk.
    Kids these days, what will they be forced to grow up with? Katy Perry? Lady GaGa, Enrique? No wonder every generation goes down hill.

    Oh well, now I should be thankful I’m moving to St. Louis.

    • young at heart

      MegaDitto’s td88.
      Rush and Medved talk radio.
      Screw the “alternative” lib crap.

  • Andymoychicago

    Yep, my friend who is (was) the Sales Mgr. at Q101 told me…Seeya Rockerz, Hello FM Talk Radio…This blows!!!

  • Their webpage currently states that after thursday, they will continue broadcasting online at Q101.com.  I’m not a fan of the station, but you’ll be able to check it out at home and perhaps at work.  


    What a god damn shame, i only heard about it today and i cant fucking believe it. Thats the only station, apart from occasionally 95.1, that i ever listen too. Fuck that little dick sucker Randy Michaels, what a scum bag.

  • Drunk_Ranter_of_Chicago

    im trashed drunk because im fucking pissed the fuck off that its gone. FUCK YOU whoever did this, you just took a year off my liver.

    guess i better start burning some more CDS, now who the fuck is going to host all the GOOD concerts? what other radio station in chicago even plays sublime, RHCP etc… none.  theres some classic rock stations for the 70s, but those of us growing up in the 90s / 2000s dont have fucking shit now, b96 and kiss fm are the same fucking radio station, why not take one of those fucking shitty ass channels off the air.
    Fuck the people who bought it, but more importantly fuck the people who sold it.  you let a lot of fucking people down.

  • Greg

    Totally agree !!

  • First of all Fuck you. Talk radio is for AM.
    I would like to state that Terrestrial radio is dead. When I was a teenager in the 80s there were 5 top 40 stations. Now there are only two…B96 and 103.5. There is no music for white HS boys to listen to..both the above stations just pump out Urban/Rap/CLub music aimed at inner city kids, ie hispanic and black. They are cranking Usher, Rhianna, etc nonstop. No more ROCK and ROLL bands that play actual instruments.
    I listed to the last day of Q101 today all the way until they signed off at 1am. What a great 20 years of great chicago music, Local homegrown music as well as music I grew up with on MTV in the 90s, like the Flaming Lips and the Smashing Pumpkins. Q101 had such a impact on peoples lives and now the only thing to listen to in chicago is burnout rock music on the Loop or the Drive or some 22 year old black kid singing how ‘he’s all up in the club’ on 103.5 or B96. Great choices.
    Q101 was a music revolution in the early 90s. We had just come out of the synth 80s and in the early 90’s it was all Hair Metal on the radio and MTV. SUDDENLY this FRESH new alternative sound…socially concious alternative music just exploded in 1992 via Pearl Jam and Nirvana…music with heart and soul that pushed new boundries out there and new sound…James, Cake, Flaming Lips, Verruca Salt, Sonic Youth, Weezer, The Presidents of the USA, just great great cutting edge music. The DJs helped make the station…JVO, Brian the Whipping Boy, Samantha James, Elecktra, etc. Q101 was community, it was home, local as well as national.
    What the hell do 18 year olds have to listen to now? Keshia? The Barbra Streisand club song? Nothing beats a Van Halen concert or a Nine Inch Nails Concert. Yes, I was at Woodstock ’94 and saw ALL the amazing q101 bands live. Loved Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Now its over. Going to a black and white news station. Hey, thats what AM radio is for. FM Terrestrial Radio is dead. In Chicago you now have the Loop which may get pulled because it was also bought out by the boneheads that are turning q101 to news. You got XRT and the drive and 2 top 40 inner city club dance stations.
    I hope you suck a big one Merlin. Choke on the fact that no one turns on the FM for news. Everyone just has an IPod on or satillite radio going in thier car now anyway.
    As for me? I got great memories of chicago radio and tommorrow or the day after I am going to subscribe to Sirus/XM. They have alternative 90s channels. Where else am I going to hear Rage Against the Machine?


    it is a shame that they took out that station i have alot of good memories linked to it and like the guy said before me I HOPE IT FU(KS HIM IN THE ASS

  • Mgb6705

    we’ll if q101 was soooo great and had sooo many listeners they wouldn’t be going off the air. If the station was making money there is no way it would have been changed. Putinf Steve Dahl on the air won’t help either. He sucked a few years ago on Jack FM.