acSlater.com is basically just a domain I had laying around and wanted to put up a blog. Sorry to disappoint any of you that came here looking for a website dedicated to one of the coolest guys to ever grace the Bayside football field.

This site will be full of random stuff that I feel like writing about or sharing. Movies, video games, music, technology and pretty much anything else I happen to have an opinion about. If you decide to stick around and read, thank you.

If you would like to guest post on the site feel free to email me at admin [at] acslater.com . Guest posts must not come off as advertising pitches, but can include a plug to any site or affiliate links that you choose as long as they are within the context of the site and the links don’t get out of hand. We reserve the right to deny any article that we don’t feel will fit with the site or that we feel is blatantly spam.

If you have any questions, concerns, want to guest post, want to advertise or anything at all feel free to use the contact information below to get a hold of us.

email: slater.ac [at] acslater.com
phone/text: (224) 338-9334
(it’s google voice so we won’t answer but feel free to leave a message or text)

Guest Writers:

Zack Morris – A good friend of mine that has an opinion on almost everything, he’ll be chiming in with witty comments and remarks along with posts on things such as the latest technology, TV and politics. He’s not afraid to argue and he usually knows what he’s talking about. And while he is better than me at some things, I still whooped his ass in the 40 yard dash.

Mr. Belding – Chimes in occasionally when it comes to TV, Movies, Video games, Books and Music, he’s like the creepy uncle you never wanted…

Kelly Kapowski – The only professional writer on the team, meaning she is a writer for a living. She will pop in from time to time to review movies. You probably won’t hear too much from her, but when you do you’ll definitely know it.