YouTube Lipsync Videos From The Apple Store

Sure you’ve seen a million YouTube videos of some idiot lip syncing popular songs from their bedrooms, but I bet you don’t have the balls to go down to the 5th Ave Apple Store in New York and record your videos. Well this kid does, ‘nicholifavs‘ heads down the Apple Store, fires up a song and the iSight and records his lip sync videos right in the middle of the crowded store. You can see the people in the background walking by, giving him looks, laughing and some even seem to enjoy it, and why not, this kid has some balls and the videos are fairly entertaining. The video above is him lip syncing to “Good Girls Gone Bad” by Cobra Starship, but there are tons of videos on his profile. It looks as though when he makes it down to the store he records more than one video at a time. Keep it up kid, you just gained one more subscriber.