Police Break Up “Riot”/Party at Western Illinois University (WIU)

Apparently there was a huge end-of-the-year party at Western Illinois (WIU) last weekend which may have gotten a little out of hand and required police officers in full riot gear to step in and shut it down… but aside from just shutting it down and arresting people that they felt were threatening, they pepper sprayed and arrested seemingly innocent bystanders as well as brought out a long range audio deterrent device to disperse the crowd. I actually went to WIU for a little over a year so I’m aware the the town has a lot of cops (Macomb, Campus, County and State all within a mile of town), so I’m not surprised there were so many law enforcement agents there, it just surprises me the way things were handled. Again, I don’t know the whole situation and I wasn’t there firs thand, so I won’t comment on the necessity of it all, but from what’s on display here it seems a little excessive.