LeBron James Gets Dunked on Video

Wow, talk about a lot of hype surrounding a pointless video. If you didn’t hear about this crap, Lebron James was playing in some scrimmage game or something and some dude dunked on him (I don’t know details cause frankly I didn’t give a shit when I read the article). Apparently James got pissed that the dunk was caught on tape and made sure that none of the videos would leak of this “embarrassment”. Well the video leaked anyways and it’s stupid. So what, you got dunked on, it wasn’t as if the dude jumped completely over him and power dunked through him, James was kind of off to the side and just didn’t get his hand up fast enough… seriously, who fucking cares?

Apparently TMZ has a video as well, but it’s from the far side of the court and shot with a terrible cell phone camera, but if you’re interested you can find it here: TMZ.com