How is Babby Formed

Excellent question, and here is the answer.

That is apparently a real question/answer from Yahoo Answers, and in light of that ridiculous question, check out some of these other ones.

My son fell asleep while eating a hot pocket, should I eat it?

He is 2 and probably won’t remember and it will get cold, on the other hand I would be taking a child’s food from him and I am big enough as is and don;t really need the calories. It is a Lean Pocket though. Any help please?”

If i decide to abort my 3 year old daughter, would i still be considered vegan?
Alright, so i gave the whole parent thing a go for a while. And i’ve decided it’s really, just not for me.
If i were to abort her would i still be considered vegan, or does this conflict? Also, should i tell my wife?”

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“Can i still have a babby one day, without giving my genital worts to my feonce?

i just found out i have genatal worts, is there any way to not give them to my feonce? will we ever be able to have a babby without spreading them to her or our child?”