Help Ashlee Barrera Release Her First EP

ashlee barrera

I haven’t been posting too many personal articles here lately, but I felt this was a good one to post. I personally do not know Ashlee Barrera, however I am good friends with Alan, the guy you see playing the guitar in most of her YouTube videos (as well as on the EP). So naturally when I saw that Alan had retweeted a link to a Kickstarter page for Ashlee, I had to check it out. She’s not asking for much at all, but when you’re struggling as a musician any amount helps. Her goal is to raise $400 by February 10th to partially fund an EP of original songs, which is extremely attainable.  So if you have a couple bucks to spare, she would greatly appreciate it. And even if the amount goes over $400 don’t hesitate the help out.

Now I know the demographic of this site probably isn’t into her type of music or is maybe too young to have the means to donate a few dollars, but really anything you can give will help, plus she’s cute, and who doesn’t want to help out a pretty girl with a great voice? If donating isn’t really your thing, but you want to help her out in some way, you can always follow her on Twitter / Facebook or Subscribe to her YouTube account, I’m sure she’d appreciate it. And don’t worry, we wouldn’t be posting this asking for donations from you guys if we didn’t plan on donating ourselves.

So take a second and check out some of her videos on YouTube and maybe you’ll be seeing a “” dedicated video from her in the future.

Donate Here via Kickstarter to Help Fund Ashlee Barrera’s First EP

Also make sure to Follow Alan on Twitter and YouTube