Fall Out Boy Announces New Album; Releases New Single and Video

fall out boy is back releases new single album video

[youtube id=”HsfY8iFbYjE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Fall Out Boy released a new single this morning as well as announced a new album, “Save Rock and Rock”, which will be released on May 6th and 7th. Fall Out Boy went on hiatus 3 years ago without really clarifying whether or not they were truly breaking up. Lead singer Patrick Stump went off to front his own thing, which produced a decent single featuring Lupe Fiasco, where as Pete Wentz worked with the other bands on the label as well as his own weird DJ side project called The Black Cards, which was pretty terrible.

The new single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” hit radio waves this morning without warning and I’ll be honest, it’s pretty fucking good. The band also released a video that features rapper 2 Chainz (he’s not on the actual track, and he’s only wearing one chain, ironically enough), as well as a tumblr with tour dates which kick off tonight in Chicago. I actually do like Fall Out Boy, which could partial be because Patrick Stump was in the same grade as my younger brother and went to Jr. High with us, and Pete Wentz grew up a town over from us. We had friends that would go see these guys when they played basement parties in the area, so it was kind of cool to watch them blow up out of nowhere to become one of the biggest bands in the country for a while. Say what you want about their music, or the lack of enunciation in the lyrics, but the songs are damn catchy.

So despite what anyone else says, after hearing this first song, I’m definitely looking forward to this album. I could use another good pop-rock album to feel a bit nostalgic about.