DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What [Video]

lil jon dj snake turn down for what

This type of music is not my thing, I’m more of a classic hip-hop guy myself. There are some more recent hip-hop artists that I can get into, but this weird mashup of hip-hop artists and dance music is not really my thing. This song in particular is more of just a dance song with Lil Jon yelling in the background, so I won’t even consider this hip-hop, but the video for this song makes it down right amazing. I’ve watched it 3 times this morning cause it’s so good. Everything about it, the premise, the ridiculous dancing, the dancing tits and dicks (clothed of course), and even the editing… amazing. Do yourself a favor and at least check out the video even if you’re skeptical, you may still hate it, but at least I got you to watch a guys dick dancing in his pants.