Can You Create a “Top 40” Style Hit in 8 Hours?

I’ll admit I listen to a lot of shitty music, but I also listen to a lot of different music. I do listen to some “Top 40” stuff as well as more underground/independent artists, but either way this video caught my attention. Dave Wallace (I’m assuming that’s his name based on his YouTube Account) and his buddy Dan “Transit” Bennett set forth to prove that anyone can put out a Top 40-style hit in less than 8 hours using fairly basic recording equipment and a computer… in Dave’s mom’s basement. Check out the video above to see what they came up with, and if you don’t want to watch all the stuff before the full song just skip ahead to the 6 minute mark.

Honestly, while I wouldn’t sit alone and listen to this song as it does sound like all the pop/rap/hip-pop stuff that’s on the radio these days (think Ke$ha), it’s fairly catchy and the production value isn’t the worst. Even if you hate this type of music it’s still interesting to see what 2 people can put together in less than 8 hours.

Transit Hip-Hop YouTube
Dave Wallace YouTube

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