Ben and Burman Wage War

ben and burman wage war

Ben and Burman Wage War by BenAndBurman

It seems like yesterday that Scott Burman told me about the web series that him and his buddy Ben were going to start shooting, and here we are at the season 1 finale. If you’ve watched the series thus far it’s no surprise that Ben and Burman could only stand each other for so long.

I want to take a second to congratulate Scott and Ben on an amazing web series. It’s obvious in the production and the quality of the work that you guys take pride in this series. I’m glad to see it finally got some distribution after a couple years of shopping around. And I hope that this helps you guys move forward with other projects. I’m extremely glad that I got to be a part of it and look forward to whatever you guys have coming down the pipeline. will always support you guys in all your work and are happy to help get the word out.