Ben and Burman: Fight Zombies/Split Up

Ben and Burman Fight Zombies by BenAndBurman

“Ben and Burman” has officially launched over at daily motion so please take a second and check it out. I’ve known Burman since we were like 12 years so when he came to me and asked me to help with his web series I couldn’t say no. I did what I could to help and now the series is a reality so please give it a watch, they are quick 3-6 minute episodes so there’s really no reason not to. And if you’re trying to figure out where you’ve seen Ben before, he was recently on an episode of MTV’s “Death Valley” as The Insert Guy during a porn shoot, coincidentally he also played a porn director in the opening of an episode of House.

Episode 1 “Ben and Burman Fight Zombies” is above and Episode 2 “Ben and Burman Split Up” is below. Enjoy and if you can, please post the videos back to your facebook/twitter.

Ben and Burman Split Up by BenAndBurman

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