Andy Rosenthal: The Comedian

I just wanted to take a minute to give some publicity to Mr. Andy Rosenthal and his comedy. Andy grew up in the same town as me and my family was actually really good friends with his. They have since packed up and moved out of state, but I did get a chance to see one of Andy’s brothers and sister few years back and they are still extremely nice people. Apparently Andy has been hitting up the comedy scene doing a little stand-up here and there so I figured I’d try to get him a few more views. It’s a little offensive and there’s definitely some harsh language, so if you’re at work or easily offended you may want to pass on this clip. It’s obvious that he’s new to the stand-up comedy world, but he seems pretty relaxed for the most part. Hey, as long as he’s better than “The Situation” was during The Roast of Donald Trump, then it’s a win in my book.

So if you enjoy comedy and want to check out something new and give an up and comer a bit of an ego boost with some YouTube views, check out the video above.