Category: Movie Trailers

  • Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

    Based on the title alone this sounds like an incredible movie, however the trailer makes me think otherwise. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter comes out on DVD today and I can’t decide if I should add it to netflix or not. The story is about Jesus, of course, who comes back to earth, but before he…

  • The Uninvited Trailer

    Here’s the trailer for Hollywood’s latest remake of an asian horror movie. The Uninvited is a remake of 2003’s great movie, A Tale of Two Sisters, which is one of the few movies that actually freaked me out a bit while watching it. And like all the other remake of asian cinema, I have no…

  • HOUSE Trailer

    Another random horror movie trailer for you. I’m not sure what to think about this one, but it seems like it could be interesting, check it out.