Xbox Dashboard Preview Going Live Today

For those of you that were lucky enough to register and be accepted into Microsoft’s preview of the new Xbox 360 dashboard update then you’ll be happy to know that the update will start rolling out sometime today. Major Nelson tweeted out this morning confirming the release of the update.

If you did not sign up for the #Xbox Preview Program last week, we are no longer accepting sign-ups sorry!

If you did sign up and were accepted, you may want to turn on your #Xbox later today 😉

So there you have it, at some point today the preview program is supposed to go live. Once we get it all setup we’ll give you a rundown of what you can expect, for those of you that didn’t get into the preview program. For those of you that did get in and have played around with it let us know what you think about it in the comments.

Mr Belding

Alright I am going to give my tiny review on it, and I’m sure AC will add his two cents too. Of course it took forever to roll this thing out, but like I was told, it was still early on the west coast. First off lets talk about the major changes I saw:

1. The menus. They don’t have that 3d look to them, which in a way I kind of like. It seems to flow very smoothly.
2. The colors. When in a menu say “My Xbox” you will notice that the colors are nice and bright! It gives it a nice feel.
3. Added ESPN 3. Now I love me some ESPN, and I’m sure most of you do! It has a pretty neat look to it. You see a bunch of avatars in this place looking up at the screens! You see 5 screens which are all playing something; WSOP,hockey, Sportscenter, etc., and they are all running as well. Sort of like a picture in picture in picture….you get the point. The last screen on the left allows you to go and choose an event you want to see! You’ll be able to see upcoming events, or featured highlights, or even pick a sport you want to actually watch, be it MLB or MLS!.
4. Netflix upgrade. Maybe AC can tell you about that a little more since I don’t have a netflix account…i know… =/. But I do know that it has a nice SEARCH ability now!
5. The Avatar customization is a little different. The layout is definitely different. Pretty user friendly. You can also make your avatar your gamer pic, in many different poses!

There are definitely a lot of changes. I mean, they did make this for the Kinetic’s rollout, but I was not selected to test that. Over all I kind of like the new look. It’s easy to navigate, it flows smoothly and has nice big icons! It definitely looks a lot more CLEANER and PROFESSIONAL as opposed to the earlier Dashboard. The ESPN alone is worth it for me! I hated having to stream it from a PC.