Wii HD in 2011?

According to “What They Play” Nintendo has been showing off early presentations of the Wii 2.0 or Wii HD to game developers and publishers. Not a whole lot is known at this time, but it is said to have true high-definition graphics, some sort of memory storage, online with emphasis on downloadable content. Hopefully it will be backwards compatible with all the Wii-motes and stuff I bought for the Wii. It sounds interesting, we’ll see what Nintendo can come up with, but I think some people might be upset with this news considering it’s still nearly impossible to find a Wii and with the holidays coming up it’s going to be even harder. And yes, I will be that guy that hordes any Wii he sees in the store, then wait until the holidays and sell them on eBay. Thanks Nintendo for paying for Chistmas this year.

source: What They Play