What Problems Do You Have With Modern Warfare 2?

It seems that this blog attracts quite a few Modern Warfare 2 players (probably because I write about it so much), so since that seems to be the core audience here I wanted to post this and get your ideas of what some of the problems with Modern Warfare 2 are. Over the past few weeks all I seem to be reading on Twitter (#mw2), Buzz and other blogs, is how Infinity Ward should fix the game before even thinking about releasing DLC or expansion packs, and my question is, what problems are you people referring to?

Sure, when the game was first released there was the big issue with the lack of dedicated servers on the PC version and the smaller game sizes. Whatever, the servers is not a game play issue, get over it. You knew that there was not going to be dedicated servers before buying it, it made major news outlets (which seems weird to me) so it’s not like Infinity Ward straight up lied and said there would be dedicated servers and then changed their minds at release time. There may have been rumblings early on in production about dedicated servers being there, but it was a well known fact long before the release that they would not make it to the final product.

Now for the in game glitches, mainly multiplayer. I see a lot of people upset that there are so many glitches and they are blaming it on the fact that there was no public beta for the game. They say that if there was a public beta, many of these things would have been discovered before the game was released. I’m sure some of the stuff would have been figured out, but majority of it would not have. IW has a slew of in house testers that are paid to sit around and try to break the game, but when I say a “slew’ I mean it’s maybe 30 people (I really have no idea how many testers they have), but when the game is released, how many people bought it? Millions! So therefore, obviously millions of people are going to be able to find things that the 30 or so in house testers happened to miss. And to be honest, I think Infinity Ward has been doing a pretty good job of getting patches out there to the consumer.

The first major glitch that was discovered was the javelin glitch that allowed you to become a walking bomb. When you would die your body would explode with the radius of a javelin missile, destroying anything around you, it was quite annoying and eventually Microsoft stepped in and started banning people from xbox live, which they have every right to do since it’s part of the ULA you accepted when you signed up for Xbox Live. The next big glitch was the unlimited care package glitch which was a bit more of a problem. There were a couple methods for pulling off this glitch, 1 that was pretty easy and another that was more difficult. IW went ahead and patched the easy method, but the harder method still existed causing them to pull back the initial patch from MS approval and fixing it once and for all (it took a little longer to push out the PS3 version, PC was pretty instant I believe). But in the end it was fixed and as far as I’m aware there is no method that still works (until someone finds one). The other glitches were fairly minor like being able to place a sentry gun inside walls so that it could shoot out, but you couldn’t shoot in and same with player collisions and objects. I’m sure some of these still exist, but they have always existed in games for those willing to seek them out. There are also some elevators that they patched, but there  are still a few of them that are accessible in the game. For those that don’t know, elevators are glitches that allow your player to basically float way up into the sky and shoot down or access places they shouldn’t be able to.

So in my eyes the major GLITCHES were fixed. There were some other issues that people had with gun balance that were also changed around, in particular the range of the Model 1887 shotguns, but I don’t consider those glitches or an issue really. I never had a problem killing people that were running up on me with the Model’s. Sure I’ve been killed up close by them many times, but they are an up close weapon. I understand the issue here was the range and power, but I never found it to be an issue. Same goes for the complaints people have with Marathon, Lightweight and Commando. Sure it’s annoying to be killed by one of these guys, but it’s also not that hard to kill them. In my eyes the problem here is skill, there are some good players online in Modern Warfare 2 and if you can’t kill the guys running around like this, you obviously aren’t as good as them. Personally my only issue with the game is those damn thermal scopes… but it’s not a problem with the game itself, it’s just the fact that I still get killed by them… oh and noob tubes also… haha.

I know there are also complaints about the lobby times and getting booted out of games and I’ll agree that sometimes it takes a couple minutes to get into a game, but it’s not a ridiculous amount of time… And at least when the host of a game leaves it usually tries to find a new one, I know it doesn’t always work, but at least it tries which is more than I can say for CoD 4. And I know there are also some hacked lobbies with super fast movement and stuff like that, but I have yet to run into one of these lobbies and, as sad as it is, I usually play for a couple hours every day (Xbox 360), so I don’t know if it’s just a PC issue, but I have yet to run into one of these “hacked lobbies”.

So I’m curious as to what everyone’s problems are with the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer? Why all the hate towards Infinity Ward? I know it comes off as if I’m trying to defend the game as a whole, but I’m actually just curious as to what problems other people have with the game since I don’t seem to have any… I really just want some new maps!