Want To Try The NXE But Didn’t Get Into The Preview?

Use this at your own risk, I have not tried it, but have read many posts on other forums indicating that it does indeed work. The only thing that you won’t be able to do is connect to Xbox Live before November 19th. So if you are dying to try out the New Xbox Experience but didnt get into the early preview and don’t use Xbox Live, or don’t need to until the 19th, go ahead and follow the instructions below. You will need a USB Memory Stick in order to get this to work, that is all.

1. Download THIS FILE
2. Get a blank USB Memory Stick
3. Create a folder called system in the root of the memory stick
4. Put the file you dowloaded into the system folder
5. Disconnect your Xbox 360 from Xbox Live (remove the cable or the wireless adapter)
6. Plug In the USB Memory Stick, Turn the System Off and then Back On
7. Don’t try to get onto live until November 19th.

Remember, try this at your own risk, I’m only relaying information that I think you guys might be interested. And no it does not require a modded Xbox 360.