Video Games are Cheaper Than They Used To Be

video game prices

I’ve never really been one to complain about the price of video games. I think $60 is a fair price for a physical game in physical packaging, it’s only when you start charging the same amount for a downloadable version of the game do I get annoyed. If you don’t have to print a booklet or pay for a case I shouldn’t have to pay for it either so lower the price a bit. I understand that the case and booklet probably don’t cost too much to print and produce, but still there’s got to be some savings you can pass on to customers that don’t need that sort of stuff. It’s kind of like the “Special Editions” of games. Thankfully the studios put out different versions for those of us that don’t need to spend $150 on a remote control car with our game.

Either way, if you feel like $60 a pop for games these days is expensive and you’ve resorted to pirating everything, take a look at the chart above. If you adjust for inflation, most games in the past were more expensive than games are today so you should be thankful that they don’t cost more. Believe me, I would probably resort to piracy if one game cost half as much as they system itself, but as of right now I think they are pretty fairly priced.

source: CrunchGear