Superhero Slot Games

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The past decade has seen the movie box offices become dominated by superhero releases. Since the first Iron Man hit the theatres in 2008 – (catapulting then C-lister Robert Downey Junior into superstardom in the process) – there has been no stopping halting the advance of those costumed heroes as they march (and fly and leap and teleport) to global domination. It’s not only movie blockbusters that disproportionately features these caped crusaders, as they also heavily influence other aspects of pop culture such as books, video games and casino slot games. It is the latter group that we are going to take a look at here.

The cast of Marvel superheroes has dominated the movie landscape, and the same used to be the case when it came to slot games. Playtech’s series of Marvel linked progressive jackpot games were a smash hit with online casino gamers. ‘Linked progressive slots’ are those which are connected to one another, regardless of which online casino they are played on, and where a percentage of the bets placed on each one adds to the overall jackpot available. Slot games like the Iron Man series or the vipslot77, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and the Avengers had an army of fans around the world, but you won’t find any of them still active today. Why would such a popular series of games be withdrawn from the market? It has to do with the takeover of Marvel by the Disney group. Disney did not want their brand to be associated with any gambling products, and so from the 1st of April 2017 (when the previous deal expired) Playtech were forced to discontinue their Marvel range of games.

Having had to consign their popular Marvel games to the superhero slot graveyard in the sky, Playtech were forced to look elsewhere for a replacement, if you like online gambling games, you might want to use the next link to learn more now.

They already operated the popular Age of Gods linked progressive jackpot games but knew that the superhero titles had been a particular hit with gamers. Since the Marvel door was closed, they took the obvious route of approaching the rival hero-factory of D.C. (owned by Warner Bros Studios) in search of a new set of branded superhero slots. The result is a new linked network of progressive jackpot superhero slots. This time around, instead of Wolverine, Spiderman and the Fantastic 4 the reels are populated by symbols of Superman, Batman and the Justice League. What remains the same is the high quality of these deposit and play online slot games, and the popularity of the new releases.

It seems like our appetite for superheroes is in no danger of being sated. From the comic books to the movie screens and on to online casinos, superheroes continue to dominate the modern cultural landscape.