Retailers Breaking Street Date on Modern Warfare 2

Obviously you’re aware that Modern Warfare 2 is supposed to be released at Midnight on Monday, but some stores in the Northeast United States have already broken the street date and started selling legit copies to customers. From what I’ve read a couple Mom and Pop stores started selling the game as soon as they got them, some a week ago, which then caused Gamestop to start selling their copies early for fear of losing out on some business. And despite what some Gamestops are claiming as special permission received from Activision to sell the game early, no stores have been given permission to break the street date according to Activision. However, they did state that if you happened to be one of the lucky ones that found a retailer that is breaking the street date, you will not be banned for playing the game early, but beware that the leaderboards and all of the online stuff will be reset when the game is officially released.  So if you got the game early I would take this time to finish the campaign so you can jump right into multiplayer when the stats/leaderboards reset on launch day.

And for those wondering it seems as if stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio have broken street dates. I don’t live out that way so I cannot give you exact stores so if you know any stores that are selling the game early feel free to help everyone out and post them in the comments. And yes, even though the game comes out in less than 2 days, I’m definitely jealous of those of you playing it early.