Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions

I am an avid Resident Evil fan. I have played them all, even the lesser liked Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. I really enjoyed the installment before this one, Resident Evil 5, so needless to say, I was gonna play this demo and eventually buy the game. So lets give you a little overview of what it has to offer, and also my feelings about it.

***This is a demo. All gameplay etc is subject to change.***

Main Menu
Well I do not know exactly what the main menu will look like, but I am sure there are photos online. But the demo allows you to play the campaign or even join a game online. After you choose the campaign you get three choices on what campaign you want to play: Leon, Chris and Jake.

Leon Campaign: You get to choose from two characters; Leon (from Resident Evil 4) and Helena. This demo level puts you at a university that has become infected, and your main objective is to get off campus. The opening cut scene was pretty awesome. All of the enemies in this demo part are zombies. There are your typical “jump out at you” moments that are sometimes quite heart stopping.These mostly happen when you trip over a body on the ground in which at first you can’t shoot and does not move, but then suddenly as you pass it again you are dragged to the ground which triggers and action event. So be ready to hit those sticks and triggers! There are also some fun melee attacks that you get to do, for instance; I played as Helena the first time, and I literally “Peoples Elbow’ed” a zombie and I said “awesome”. You also get to use the weapons that the zombies have to terminate them. For instance, one zombie had a bottle, so my character broke the bottle and spun the zombie around and stuck it in its head. Another zombie had an ax or a bat, I could not quite see, being this is a demo its a bit unpolished from the final gold copy, but at any rate, I took its ax and severed its head, giving me some style bonus pickup points, which I do not know what they do quite yet. Leon is equipped with a “wing shooter” pistol and a knife, whereas Helena is equipped with a “Picador” pistol and a “Hydra” shotgun.

Chris Campaign: In this campaign you get the choice of either Chris (Redfield) or this other character named Piers. It starts out with of course a bad ass cut scene, in which you see a fallen comrad and you are in a platoon who is up against a group of gorilla militia whom are using B.O.W’s or Bio Organic Weapons, called “J’avos” to defeat its enemy. These B.O.W’s are the main focus of research for the Umbrella Corp and are abnormally strong. So at a higher difficulty rate these guys might be a challenge. In this little demo you get to fight some pretty badass enemies. Some even transform and use a shield made of something. There is also this part where a big ass monster comes in and well you get the point. You fight him for a little then there is a cut scene. Chris’ weapon arsenal consists of an “assualt rifle for special tactics”, and 9mm or “nine-oh-nine” , as well as a combat knife. Piers gets a semi-automatic assault rifle, or MP-AF and also a sniper rifle or Anti-Material Rifle.

Jake’s Campaign: In this campaign you get the choice between either Jake or Sherry. Of course, as I have stated above, it starts out with a pretty gorgeous cut scene of Jake injecting some sort of energy booster shot into his neck. They then cut to a group of guys taking something as well when suddenly one jumps out and has mutated. Jake goes into this bad ass kung-fu mode and well they escape. Well this campaign has some very tough enemies. They of course resemble the J’avos from Chris’ campaign, but transform into some other beast, which is not to hard to kill having Jake’s weapons. If you do not feeling like fighting them you could also just leave them, in some cases. Demo level ends with this hideous creature with a chainsaw looking hand. Jakes’ arsenal contains 4 guns; an “elephant killer”, which looks like a magnum, a “nine-oh-nine” 9mm, a sniper rifle and an automatic weapon called a “Bear Commander”. He can also just do hand to hand. Helana packs quite and arsenal too. She is equipped with all of the same weapons that Jake has except her pistol is a “triple shot”, or burst pistol, and she also has a stun rod!

Well there you have it. A little, well kind of long run down of the demo. It gave you a good idea of what you get to look forward to when it is released on October 10, 2012. I am definitely going to get this. It has the same graphic flow as you saw in Resident Evil 5. I am expecting they will add some nice textures to it once it drops, but if not, its still pretty damn good looking. So that is all I really have left to say. My damn fingers are kind of sore.