Red Dead Redemption Dastardly Achievement

Looks like some people are getting upset of an achievement discovered in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption which came out this week. The achievement in question is called “Dastardly” and you get it by hog tying a woman, placing her on the train tracks and watching a train run her over.  Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this is such a big deal. People are actually comparing it to the “Hot Coffee” issue that GTA San Andreas had a few years ago… really? People get killed in video games all the time and especially in games like this where you are free to do whatever you please within the world.

It seems that everyone is getting all up in arms over the fact that Rockstar rewards you with an achievement for performing this deed, but again, who cares. Within the first hour of the game I ran into a bandit that hog tied a woman near “Hanging Rock” and looked like he was going to rape and eat her, but that’s not getting any flack. Ok, maybe he wasn’t going to rape her, but I’m pretty sure he was going to eat her based on the amount of bones that were laying around his camp…. ok, ok, maybe they were animal bones, but the chick was still hog tied and laying on the ground face down. Either way this game is based on the old west, women didn’t have the rights and privileges that they do today so they are just trying to be true to the genre. Did nobody notice that the majority of the women in the game are prostitutes? The only woman I’ve met so far that wasn’t a hooker was Bonnie and she lives in a pretty nice house so I gotta imagine she’s doing some hooking on the side.

People just need to get stop blaming video games for this stupid shit. It’s a stupid achievement (which do nothing, by the way) in a video game. I don’t think we’re going to see young boys hog tying girls and placing them on train tracks while wearing top hats and twirling their mustache… The people that are getting all worked up over this need to relax and have a beer or smoke a joint or do something to unwind their ass hairs, seriously.

What do you guys think of this achievement? Do you think it is as bad as these articles are making it out to be?

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