PS3 Jailbreak

playstation 3 jailbreak

If you haven’t heard by now the security on the Playstation 3 has been cracked and you don’t even need a modchip to do it. The main purpose of “jailbreaking” your PS3 is to allow you to run unsigned code, mainly homebrew apps and things of that nature. But of course since the protection has been cracked it also allows you to run pirated copies of games straight from the PS3’s internal hard drive or an external drive.

There are a number of ways to hack your PS3, but in all of them you will need a device with a compatible USB board. Basically you need to be able to run linux on the device. There have been ports of the open source jailbreaking software to tons of devices, but it seems the most popular ones are the iPhone 2G/3G, Nokia N900 and the Motorola Droid. You can also go online and buy a USB stick that is already compatible if you don’t want to hack around with a separate device. There’s also word that someone has ported the jailbreak to the Six-Axis controller. This means that you can jailbreak using just the PS3 controller and it doesn’t hinder any of the controller’s functions.

Personally I used my old iPhone 2G (EDGE) to complete the process and it was extremely simple given the tools that are out there. In order to do the jailbreak you need to use OpeniBoot and a modified Android payload, but if that sounds too complicated to you there is a installer that will do it all for you over at . About halfway down the page you will see the heading “Quick Installation on iPhone 2G/3G with links to both PC and Mac versions for both 2G/3G phones. In order for this to work though you need a jailbroken iPhone running either 3.1.2/4.0.0/4.0.1/4.0.2. And actually 3.1.3 pwned using pwnage worked totally fine as that’s what I’m using. Also, the phone cannot have been jailbroken using Spirit.

Once you have that all you need to do is run the iPhoDroid on your computer while your phone is plugged in and it does the rest, simple as that. Now in order for the hack to work with your PS3 you need to make sure you are running firmware 3.41 on the Playstation. If you’re not, you can check and download it to a USB stick and install it from there. This will only work if you are currently on a firmware lower than that, once you upgrade to 3.42 or 3.50 you cannot go back, so don’t update!

Once you have that all set it’s just a matter of a few quick presses of buttons on the PS3. First, take any game out of the system that may be in it, then turn off the power using the switch in the back. Next, plug your iPhone into the front USB using the apple cable. Turn on your iPhone and get it to the OpeniBoot screen and press the power button on the top of the phone to highlight the android logo. Now turn on the PS3 switch in the back. Once your PS3 is in standby mode press the Home button on the iPhone. It’s going to do a bunch of stuff on the screen, but when you see it say “initd”, go to the ps3 and press the power button followed by the eject button as fast as you can. If you’ve done it correctly you’ll start to see some different lines appear on the iPhone screen as well as the PS3 booting a little slower than normal. Once the dashboard has booted you will see 2 new sections under Game and that will let you know that your PS3 has now been jailbroken.

The only problem right now is that every time you boot the machine you must perform the above steps to jailbreak it. I’m also not going to write about how to get the Backup Manager onto your machine, but you can use the links I posted above to figure it out, it’s not that hard. Not all backup games work off the external drive so you may need to use the internal for some and some of the games can be quite large. Good luck and I take no responsibility if you mess up your iPhone or PS3 attempting this hack.