Mysterious Call of Duty Countdown Timer Discovered

Apparently a bunch of larger gaming sites have received packages containing dog tags belonging to Lt. General Shephard who died in Modern Warfare 2. The back of the dog tags say “End the War” and there is a website listed: If you head over to that website you’ll find a countdown timer which has a little less than 2 days left.

Now, nobody is exactly sure what the countdown is going to lead to, but many are speculating that it could be the announcement of Modern Warfare 3 and I’m going to have to agree with them. I know there have been rumblings of another entry into the Call of Duty universe in the form of a possible MMO type game, but I really think this is related to Modern Warfare 3, which we all know is coming later this year. So check back in a couple days, or keep your eye on the makarov site, and I guess we’ll see what happens when the countdown ends.

Update: Definitely NOT Modern Warfare 3. Apparently the countdown and dog tags were sent out by a company called “We Can Pretend” that are supposedly working on a Call of Duty-inspired project… has more info on the updates, but it doesn’t look like Activision is involved at all so it’s not Modern Warfare 3 or the rumored Call of Duty MMO.