MW3 Elite DLC Content Drop For April – Lack of Robert Bowling Updates

mw3 sanctuary foundation robert bowling resigns infinity ward

mw3 sanctuary foundation robert bowling resigns infinity ward

The latest Content Drop for Call of Duty Elite Premium Members on the Xbox 360 was released yesterday and brings us two new multiplayer maps in Foundation and Sanctuary. The funny part about this is I had absolutely no idea that these maps were coming out yesterday because Creative Strategist Robert Bowling resigned from his post at Infinity Ward a couple weeks ago.

For those unfamiliar with Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo on twitter) he was essentially the voice of the community for Modern Warfare 3. He kept everyone updated on what was happening around the studio in terms of bug fixes, patches, DLC, etc., he was really the only direct source of information we had… then he suddenly resigned. There are a million theories going around on why he resigned, but the point is he’s gone, and he seemingly took Infinity Ward’s line to the community with him. In the past I would know weeks in advance of a DLC Content Drop and have screenshots, videos and information personally delivered to me via Twitter from Bowling. This lead to built up anticipation and that “Christmas-morning-type” feeling when new maps were released… I didn’t get that this time because I had no clue these were even being released. Sure, I knew that there was going to be a content drop in April and I knew from the calendar that it was going to be two multiplayer maps, but I really had no clue when they were coming. I don’t think I saw one preview video online until yesterday when the maps were officially released, which is sad.

I hope that Robert left on his own accord and wasn’t forced out because if he was then Infinity Ward made a huge mistake, but from what I can gather based on his latest tweets is that he’s got another project in the works, which makes me think he left for his own reasons… good for him (bad for IW). Whether he joins his old bosses over at Respawn or he goes in a completely different direction, I just want to thank him for keeping us all up to date on everything going on in the IW/MW3 world. I know the community can be a pain in the ass sometimes and they believe that he wasn’t doing anything in regards to complaints, etc., but really he’s just the messenger. The only thing he could do was relay the complaints to the devs and see if they were willing to work on them, he wasn’t the guy with the say in the matter.

But anyways, now that the maps are out and being played what are your impressions? Personally I actually really like both of these maps. Sanctuary is very close quartered with lots of corners, buildings and open areas. Not a great sniping map, but there are still a few spots you can sit and pick people off. Foundation seems a bit smaller than Sanctuary, but not Dome small. There are a bunch of nice catwalks that will give snipers some nice far sight lines, but enough obstacles to make run-n-gun an option as well. My only complaint about this map is if you’re playing Domination, “B” is way to easy to camp. Whichever team manages to get that point first is most likely going to win, but maybe that was just my experience.

Overall I like the maps a lot and I’m excited to get home and play them a bit more tonight. What do you guys think?