Modern Warfare 3 Is Out Today!

mw3 is out today

So who’s picking up their copy of MW3 today? Who already got theirs? And just a note for all the idiots commenting on the CNN article regarding the Elite service, all the stats and social aspects of the service are 100% free. Almost every single comment over there is about how Battlefield has had the same type of service as Elite for years in Battlelog and it’s totally free, not $50 a year… You guys need to do your research. Elite service is free to everyone, that gets you stats, competitions and a lot of content, the $50 a year gives you access to all of the DLC before anyone else (no extra charge) along with extra video content and stuff like that. You are not paying for stats, I don’t know how many times I have to tell people that. So if you plan on buying all the map packs, which would cost you $60 if they stay on the same schedule as the past and release 4 map packs at $15, then the Elite service for $50 is a good deal.

Enjoy the game, you can find us online later tonight as MaKTR2 and davidbonk if you wanna play.