Modern Warfare 3 ACTUAL Killstreaks and Other Information

Call of Duty held their “Call of Duty XP” even this weekend and revealed a lot more details regarding the multiplayer in the game. When it comes to “killstreaks” they’ve broken the gameplay down into 3 different types of classes: Assault, Support and Specialist, each of which have their own “killstreak” setup.

Assault is the killstreaks were used to where as Support is just that, support killstreaks, but unlike Assault, your killstreak count does not reset if you die. Since you are helping your team, the developers feel that allowing you to eventually obtain all of your support rewards in the game is more balanced. I have to agree, especially if you get into a game where you just have constant AC130’s overhead. Lastly there is the Specialist. This is geared more towards the guy who wants to fend for himself. You don’t get killstreak rewards, but instead you get added perks, up to 3 more, and these reset when you die.

Strke Package: Assault

3 Kills: UAV
4 Kills: Care Package
5 Kills: IMS (
5 Kills: Predator Missle
5 Kills: Sentry Gun
6 Kills: Precision Airstrike
7 Kills: Attack Helicopter
7 Kills: Helistrafe
9 Kills: AH-6 Overwatch
9 Kills: Reaper
10 Kills: Assault Drone
12 Kills: AC130

Strike Package: Support ( Killstreaks Do not Reset If You Die)

4 Kills: UAV
5 Kills: Counter-UAV
5 Kills: Ballistic Vests
5 Kills: Airdrop Trap
8 Kills: Sam Turret
10 Kills: Recon Drone
12 Kills: Advanced UAV
12 Kills: Remote Turret
14 Kills: Stealth Bomber
18 Kills: EMP
18 Kills: Juggernaut Recon
18 Kills: Escort Airdrop

Strike Package: Specialist (Perks)
(Adds Up to 3 More Perks)
(Resets When You Die)

Extreme Conditioning
Sleight of Hand
Blinde Eye
Blast Shield
Steady Aim

Some other information came to light as well, for example you can now level up your weapons to better fit how you use them. You can reduce sway, reduce kick, and more. There will also be more custom game mode options in private matches, which you can then upload to Elite and allow others to play. The Kill Confirmed game mode is new and basically what it is, is when you die in the game you drop dog tags which the other team has to run over in order to get the points for the kill, however you can run over the dog tags of someone on your own team, thus negating the kill and not allowing the other team to get the points. It adds a new dimension to the team deathmatch game that I think is going to be pretty cool.  Some of the other things they touched upon briefly are: Presitge Shop, Player Card, Loyalty Rewards, Dual Scopes, Team Defender (mode), 16 Maps on Disc, 28 Point streak rewawrds. They didn’t go into details so I don’t have any for you.

And of course they talked about what you’ll get with A Premium Elite subscription. First of all they announced pricing. $50 a year for Elite Premium or you can get it via the Hardened Edition which is priced at $99. They did also say that if you were to just buy all the DLC outright for the year it would cost you $60, so I’ll be picking this up for that reason only (I’ll probably just grab the Hardened Edition). What Elite Premium will get you is the following: All DLC for the year, 20 piece of DLC in all, you get it first and more often. Monthly content instead of every few months. Maps, spec ops missions, game modes, and more. Daily contests, events. Ability to level up clans. 8x more video capacity. Expert strategy and analysis videos. EliteTV, episodic video content, will arnett, jason bateman, ridley/tony scott.

So it sounds kind of cool, but I’m really just doing it to get the DLC for slightly cheaper than what I would have paid for it anyways. So there was a lot of good information given out at the Call of Duty XP event, so I recommend checking out the videos on their YouTube channel to get the full idea. The video I posted about is part 3 of the keynote and it’s the one where they dive into the multiplayer killstreaks and stuff.