Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Patch For Care Package Glitch

The Xbox 360 patch for Modern Warfare 2 rolled out this morning to the cheers of many. Finally after weeks of having to deal with idiots who don’t know how to play the game, we get a fix for the unlimited care package glitches that have been plaguing the online system. The reason the patch took longer on the 360 is because while the initial patch was waiting for Microsoft approval, another version of the care package glitch was discovered so Infinity Ward pulled the patch back and updated it to include a fix for that latest glitch. So hopefully this will no longer be an issue, but you never know what people with too much time on their hands will find.

Here’s everything that the patch fixes:

  • Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized.
  • Fix for “infinite care package” exploit.
  • Sentry Guns: Improved placement detection, preventing cases of Sentry Guns inside geometry.
  • Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887’s.
  • Fixes to prevent various XP hacks (including the prevention of negative XP)

So there you have it. Hopefully this will fix a good amount of the complaints for a while and lead to more balanced games again.