It only seems fitting that after all of the controversy and backlash regarding the pricing of the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC, there would be issues with the download this morning. I also find it very amusing that almost everyone immediately pointed the finger at Infinity Ward. The fact of the matter is that the problem you guys are experiencing this morning is a MICROSOFT issue, it has nothing to do with Infinity Ward. Microsoft was supposed to push out a title update to Modern Warfare 2 this morning to coincide with the release of the Map Pack, but they some how messed it up. Something didn’t get pushed out the way it was supposed to and since the title update added support for the new maps to MW2, you can’t play it.

So in actuality all the fingers people are pointing at Infinity Ward regarding the Stimulus Pack should be pointed elsewhere. The price point that everyone has been bitching about is most likely Activision’s call, not Infinity Ward and the botched launch this morning is a Microsoft issue. Now those of you that have a problem with glitches, balancing and whatever other problems with the actual gameplay itself, that is Infinity Ward, but don’t be so quick to point fingers on everything MW2 related when you’re not aware of the circumstances behind them. If you want constant updates on the status of this issue follow @MajorNelson on Twitter.

Either way I will still be downloading the map pack when I get home today and will continue to support Infinity Ward.

Update: The title update issues are now fixed and it is now rolling out to everyone. If you can’t get it yet, Major Nelson says it will be available in all areas shortly.

Update 2: It appears that there are now some issues in the Xbox Live Matchmaking which is causing it to be nearly impossible to get into a game… strike 2 for MS and Xbox Live? At this rate the Stimulus Pack will come out on PS3 and PC before anyone on Xbox gets the “exclusive”.

Update 3: Everything is back to normal.

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  • n8 b 77

    So AC, how do you like the Stimulus pack so far? I really enjoy not knowing where I’m at and running around like a n00b. It’s fun exploring the new maps and trying to find the best spots to snipe from.
    I do however think that Infinity Ward could’ve done a much better job with it. First off, I can’t stand that you can’t pick what style of game you want to play. I hate playing HQ and can’t stand getting dropped into that map. They need to patch it so you can choose which style of game your playing instead of just picking stimulus and getting tossed into whatever they choose. Also, I got dropped into a game of Sabotage last night and there was no bomb. Just a glitch I hope but I wonder if anybody else has seen that.
    I’m really hoping that IW can make some changes and fix this. Especially after forking over $15 for it.

  • AC Slater

    n8: That’s weird that there was no bomb in the sabotage game… and as for the fact that you can only play the new maps in those 2 playlists (which incorporate all the gametypes randomly) I’m pretty sure I read Robert Bowling’s (from Infinity Ward) Twitter that said they are listening to the response and the new maps will be incorporated into all of the other playlists today. Here’s his quote “Behold! The power of feedback. We’ll be integrating the new maps into all playlists as well as enabling Double XP for all playlists tomorrow”

    Only problem with that is they could get skipped often in normal rotation since not everyone in the lobby is going to have the maps…kinda like WaW.

    As for how I like the maps, like you, I enjoy being lost. I like the fact that it’s going to take me a little while to figure out all the little hiding spots and where the campers will be. And surprisingly I’m really enjoying playing the old CoD4 maps as well. I’m currently not a huge fan of that apartment complex one, but I think it’s because there’s so many places to go that it frustrates me haha. Salvage is pretty cool though and I really enjoy Storm.

  • n8 b 77

    I haven’t had a chance to check Robert Bowling’s twitter yet (work blocks it…) but that is great news that they plan on fixing it. I’d love to be able to just play some tdm, sabotage or demolition with my clan on the new maps.
    I didn’t play CoD4 so all the maps are new to me. Overgrown is a blast, had a great game of capture the flag on there last night. Crash was fun the one match I had on there (domination). I had “B” locked down and failed to notice the sniper on top of the building, he got me. The games on Salvage were extremely fast paced, just like I thought they’d be. Storm is a great map. Great layout, lots of places to navigate through and the weather really adds to it. I had a blast on the Apartment complex too, played a great game of demolition on there that was a blast! The double XP was just a bonus to it all, I should be able to prestige again fairly quickly.