Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Launch Experiencing Problems

It only seems fitting that after all of the controversy and backlash regarding the pricing of the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC, there would be issues with the download this morning. I also find it very amusing that almost everyone immediately pointed the finger at Infinity Ward. The fact of the matter is that the problem you guys are experiencing this morning is a MICROSOFT issue, it has nothing to do with Infinity Ward. Microsoft was supposed to push out a title update to Modern Warfare 2 this morning to coincide with the release of the Map Pack, but they some how messed it up. Something didn’t get pushed out the way it was supposed to and since the title update added support for the new maps to MW2, you can’t play it.

So in actuality all the fingers people are pointing at Infinity Ward regarding the Stimulus Pack should be pointed elsewhere. The price point that everyone has been bitching about is most likely Activision’s call, not Infinity Ward and the botched launch this morning is a Microsoft issue. Now those of you that have a problem with glitches, balancing and whatever other problems with the actual gameplay itself, that is Infinity Ward, but don’t be so quick to point fingers on everything MW2 related when you’re not aware of the circumstances behind them. If you want constant updates on the status of this issue follow @MajorNelson on Twitter.

Either way I will still be downloading the map pack when I get home today and will continue to support Infinity Ward.

Update: The title update issues are now fixed and it is now rolling out to everyone. If you can’t get it yet, Major Nelson says it will be available in all areas shortly.

Update 2: It appears that there are now some issues in the Xbox Live Matchmaking which is causing it to be nearly impossible to get into a game… strike 2 for MS and Xbox Live? At this rate the Stimulus Pack will come out on PS3 and PC before anyone on Xbox gets the “exclusive”.

Update 3: Everything is back to normal.