Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Strategies

I’ve only had a chance to dive into the multiplayer aspect of Modern Warfare 2 for a few hours so far, but I made this post for CoD4: Modern Warfare so I figured I’d get it started now for MW2. I’ve posted overhead aerial views of each of the maps below (some after the jump). They come courtesy of another site, so I’ll post non-watermarked versions as soon as I can.  Also if you have good sniping spots, good strategies or any thing at all that can help out fellow players in multiplayer matches please leave a comment letting us know. Also, I can’t seem to remember all of the locations of the Flags in Domination (red dots on the maps) so if you can point them out on any of these maps please help me out. Thanks.  If you only see Afghan, the rest of the maps are after the jump.

Update: I’ve embedded a few videos that IGN has been putting out with some good “secret” spots on different maps, so check em out, they are at the bottom.

General Tips

  • Switching to the pistol is generally faster than reloading
  • To rack up kills use the following kill streaks: Care Package, Harrier, Emergency Air Drop. By using the care package at 4 kills you open yourself up to getting any number of cool things that can get you kills, and the harrier will drop an air strike and then hang around to kill more people, which should easily get you the Emergency Air Drop which is 4 random crates that can contain anything. The only problem is that care packages/emergency air drops do not count towards your kill streak. So if you have a hard time reaching that harrier you may want to think about using the predator missile instead.
  • As I just said, items you get in care packages and emergency air drops do not help towards your kill streak rewards.
  • In Domination Flag B is the key to winning, always send a few guys to capture B right away (on most maps)
  • When playing Sabotage, stealth perks are pointless if you intend on being the bomb carrier as your location will update on the map every few seconds. Instead, use the unlimited sprint perk and the lightweight perk so you can run faster than the pinpoint can keep up with.
  • Take advantage of tactical insertions when playing games like Domination and Capture the Flag. Set the tactical insertion near a flag so that when you die you’re always right there. A guy did this in a game yesterday, set his TI at “B” in Domination and it worked pretty well.
  • If you plan on running around knifing people all game use the Marathon, Lightweight and Commando Perks and make sure you have Care Package set as your 4 kill streak. If you pull out the care package smoke grenade you will run much faster than if you were just running.
  • Use killstreaks that will help your team. If you know you have a hard time reaching the harrier at 7 kills, don’t assign it. You’re better off assigning a UAV and Care Package which can help your team get their killsteaks and help you win the game.
  • If you’re looking to get a nuke use the following killstreak rewards: Harrier, Chopper Gunner and Nuke. Once you get the harrier find a good place to hide and then use it. Hopefully it will get you the 4 kills you need for the Chopper Gunner which will require a fairly good hiding spot or a team that’s willing to protect you. The hard part is getting another 14 kills with the chopper gunner, it’s a lot easier in hardcore.
  • One shot into a dark corner could save you from being killed by someone you can’t see.
  • Watch the kill cams and see where people are hiding and where the good places to go are. If you figure out these spots you’ll know where to look for enemies.
  • Try to stick together with at least 1 other person, it’s a lot easier to kill people if you’re teaming up on them than running around by yourself. Sure you may not get as many legit kills, but it’ll help your team in the end.
  • If you find yourself running out of ammo a lot before you die, use the scavenger perk. I had this problem before and now I don’t think I could go back to any of the other Perk 1’s.

Sniping Tips

  • Avoid moving around too much when laying down.
  • Try not to camp in one spot for the entire match, people are going to find you eventually so spread out.
  • Use perks to your advantage, Cold Blooded is a must, Ninja can be helpful to conceal your foot steps, and as for Perk 1 I usually just use Marathon so I can run from spot to spot with the quickness.
  • Claymores are also helpful so that people can’t sneak up behind you as easily, especially if you’re in a building with only 1 doorway in or out.
  • If you’re camping (in a non-hardcore match), after killing someone either keep looking down the sights for a few seconds, look right at a close object (wall or tree) or just look at the sky. Players who get sniped usually spend a second or 2 watching the kill cam to see where you’re camping from, but if all they see is a wall or the sky it will be harder for them to find you.
  • Practice Quick Scoping as the scope is centered as soon as you look down the sights, if you can get your timing down it’s very effective.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Maps

(Maps Courtesy of I will update with non-watermarked versions when I find them)

Map Update: I’ve come across all sorts of scans for all of the maps and all of the different gameplay types. You can download a zip file with all of them HERE.













Sub Base




Make sure to visit and thank them for the map scans and if you can please don’t hotlink them from here, download them and re-host.



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Video Tips – Map Recon – Secret Spots on Afghan


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Video Tips – Map Recon – Secret Spots on Estate


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Video Tips – Map Recon – Secret Spots on Highrise

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