Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch Will Get You Banned

If you’re one of the million idiots on Xbox Live that have been ruining games of Modern Warfare 2 by using the newly discovered Javelin Glitch just be warned that you can get banned if people report you, and if you’re in a game with me I will report every single one of you.

For those who don’t know what the glitch is it basically turns you into a walking time bomb so that when you die you explode, killing everything around you, with decent range too. I’m not going to post the video here, but you can find it all over the place (or you can just watch a kill cam in-game since tons of people are using it). I’m sure the glitch will be patched this week, in fact, I know it will be patched in the near future as it’s already done it’s just waiting on Microsoft’s approval, but for those idiots using the glitch to ruin games, if you are in a game with me and you see me standing around not moving and you think “nice, easy knife kill”, well there’s a good chance that I’m reporting you for using the javelin glitch.

Now comes the point when all the idiots out there come with the argument that it was left in the game when it shipped so it’s part of the game and should be utilized. Ok, morons, it’s clearly not meant to be in the game and even with the extensive testing process that Infinity Ward put their games through they can’t catch everything. Thankfully the developers now have the ability to patch games so that these glitches don’t ruin the gaming experience for everyone like this one is currently doing. I played for quite a while yesterday and every single game had at least 1 person running around the whole time doing the glitch. The funny thing is though they were still getting their asses kicked.

So those of you that want to continue to cheat until the game gets patched, enjoy it while you can because I (and I know a lot of other people too) will report anyone that uses the glitch even once and there’s a good chance you will get banned from Xbox Live for anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks. So you decide if it’s worth it or not. Oh and a big thanks to the people that post these glitches on YouTube. No, not for the fact that that’s the reason why everyone and their sister knows about the glitch now, but because by doing so you bring the attention to the developers who can then patch the game. If you had found a real strategic glitch in the game you wouldn’t have posted it on YouTube, you would have kept it for yourselves, but this one ruins the game play experience so I applaud you for giving it the attention it needed to get patched.

The bans are currently only being handed out to Xbox Live subscribers, the Playstation Network has no plans to ban anyone at the moment. It’s a free service anyways so what would be the point, you could just make another account if you really wanted to.

Update 12/11/09: As of today the Javelin glitch and the Care Package Glitch have been patched on the Xbox 360. Thank God.