Modern Warfare 2 Glitches

I’ve made glitch posts before for Call of Duty: World At War and the only reason I post them is so that the legit gamers out there know what to look for and can report the assholes that utilize these in online matches and so that hopefully the developers see these videos and patch the glitches. There are a lot of jackasses out there that think just because a glitch was overlooked by the developer that it’s their own damn fault and they should be able to utilize it. I mean, if they didn’t want you to glitch they wouldn’t have put it in the game right? You people are idiots and a lot of these people that sit around looking for glitches are absolutely pathetic. Now if you happen to find a glitch on accident, whatever, but these people that put these videos online seem to sit around all day and look for this crap. People that have to glitch in a multiplayer game only do so because they are terrible at the game to begin with and can’t win without cheating. So if you choose to use these glitches online prepare to have a complaint filed against you for cheating, and if you’re the type that hates these glitchers use these videos to spot them and file complaints. Don’t just give these guys a bad rep, actually file a complaint with Microsoft for cheating.

Obviously these videos came from the leak of Modern Warfare 2 and I’m pretty sure Infinity Ward would not have time to patch these before the release of the game on Tuesday so I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing some idiots doing these glitches. And yes, some of these glitches are only in single player missions, not on multiplayer maps, but I’m sure once the game gets released we’ll be seeing a ton more glitches like these coming out.

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